My adventures before the quarantine

It’s been a long time since I published the last post and actually many things happened during the time. Let me sum up my adventures for you.

Protur Sa Coma Playa

You know that last summer I was working in Sa Coma, in Mallorca. I had an amazing 7-month season as an entertainer/ninja in the hotel Protur Sa Coma Playa. I met many great people and had much fun with them. No doubts that I also had time to travel around the island and to see beautiful places which I hadn’t visited before. I wrote several posts about my trips so till that time you were quite well informed about my adventures.



Anyway, the season finished at the end of October. We celebrated it properly at the Protur hotels’ dinner which was organized for the staff. Few days after that I took a flight from Mallorca to Málaga. You might be asking why I didn’t go directly to the Czech Republic. Well, as you can imagine, the season in Mallorca was quite long and exhausting so I felt like I need some holidays. I decided to go to Almuñécar because I really like that place and I also wanted to see my friends.

Back home

In Málaga I rent a car for a week, it was the best way how to reach Almuñécar and visit some places around. I’m preparing a post about it so hopefully you’ll get to read it soon. Anyway, after a fantastic week on the Costa Tropical I had to go back home. As always, it was a strange feeling to be back after such a long time. Because I didn’t have another job, I had much time to see my friends and to plan the following adventure.

Dream to fulfill

The following adventure, or better say a dream that was about to fulfill, was not easy to organize. I had been thinking about it since September/October trying to figure out how to make it. Wait, what was actually my dream? My dream was to travel to India and to become a certified yoga teacher. At the end of November I decided to book the Yoga Teacher Course even though I had no idea how I’ll get there and who I will go with. I just knew I wanted to go and I wanted to make it work. Somehow. I didn’t know how though. I asked some friends if they wanna join me but nobody wanted to come.

Thanks to my travels and abroad adventures I have many friends all around the world and that was very helpful that time. I got in touch with my old Erasmus friend Chandan from India and at the end, he was the one who helped me to achieve my dream. He made it work. He helped me to reach what I was just dreaming about. I’ll always be very grateful for that because without him it would just remain a dream.

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My travel to India started as a dream three years ago. The dream came true this year and many thanks belong to @boba_cp because without him maybe I wouldn't be able to do it. He was my driver, my guide, my shopping assistant, my interpreter, my personal photographer, my bodyguard, my support and especially, he is an amazing friend. The travel in India has exceeded all my expectations and I'm very grateful for all the happy moments we spent together. Thank you for being there for me <3 #india #elephantaisland #mumbai #visitindia #incredibleindia #dream #dreamscometrue #chaseyourdreams #friendstrip #friendship #internationalfriends #happymoments #besttravel #erasmusfriends #erasmusreunion #travel #adventure #timetogo #travelphotography #instatravel #gltlove #blogger #travelblogger #luciesworld

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Adventures in India

Anyway, when everything was organized, my Spanish friend Yara decided to join me. On 18th January I got to fly to India and then a week road trip was in front of us. Yara, Chandan, his friend Sagar and I, we became a perfect team and I’ll be glad to tell you more about our adventures in the upcoming posts. I’ll also write about the Yoga Teacher Training which I started a week after I reached India. Altogether, my travel to India became an unforgettable experience, I really lived my dream.

A six weeks in India passed very fast and I had to go back home in order to get ready for my new adventure. At that time, I couldn’t even imagine that my new adventure will actually be a quarantine. But let’s get back before that. When I reached home, I had just few days for packing, seeing friends, going to the hairdresser and pre-celebrating my birthday before flying to Spain.


On 6th March I had a flight to Málaga. The following day I started to work in the hotel Helios Costa Tropical in Almuñécar where I was already working in 2018. I was really happy to be back and excited about working in the entertainment again. As you can imagine, my plans didn’t go that well. On 14th March Spain entered a state of emergency so I couldn’t do my job anymore. In that situation it wasn’t really an option or good idea to travel back home. So here I am. In Spain. In Almuñécar. Quarantined. But safe and happy. Doing my yoga self practice. Enjoying the free time and waiting for better times. Hopefully it will be soon.

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4 thoughts on “My adventures before the quarantine

  1. I met This amazing woman in Protur Sa Coma Playa. I felt in love with her actitude and her soul.
    Lucie is the perfect combination of constancy and quality.
    She puts love and passion in everything she does and she is always ready to give you a hand. I consider her an example and a great friend.
    Ciao amici <3

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