Short trips from Cala Bona to Cap des Pinar & Son Servera

Since April I have been living in Cala Bona, in Mallorca. I haven’t done many excursions yet but I’m still trying to explore some parts of the island. When I was in Mallorca three years ago I visited quite many places but I still discover new places that I haven’t been to. This time I would like to give you tips for two short excursions that you can do while staying in Cala Bona/Cala Millor.

Mirador Cap des Pinar

Mirador Cap des Pinar is a popular viewpoint located in Costa dels Pins (Pine Tree Coast). It offers a spectacular view of Cala Bona, Cala Millor and Punta de n’Amer. It’s also traditional for lovers to fix a padlock on the railings and throw the key into the sea as an expression of eternal love.

Cap des Pinar is situated quite close to Cala Bona and that’s why I decided to go there by bike. It took around 20 minutes to get to the top, I had to cycle up the hill but it was definitely worth the effort. The view is just amazing. I spent some time there, sitting, looking at the sea, enjoying the sunshine and then I went back to Cala Bona. It was definitely much easier to go back since I was going down hill.

On the way I also stopped at the beach Platja de sa Marjal and I regretted that I didn’t take my swimming suit and a beach towel. Anyway, it was a nice trip and it wasn’t too busy at the viewpoint. Just a few people went by car, bike or walking but they didn’t spend much time there. I would definitely recommend to visit it because it’s really worthwhile.

Son Servera

Son Servera is the main urban area of the municipality. It’s located in the north-west of the island on a hill with sea views. It’s a small town but it’s definitely worth at least a short visit. Every Friday there is a street market where you can buy fruit, vegetables, clothes, plants and many other things. In the heart of the town you find Plaça de Sant Joan with a church. Nevertheless, the most popular attraction of the town is the New Church.

New Church

The New Church is an unfinished, roofless building in which religious and cultural events are held. The church was designed by Joan Rubió Bellver, a Catalan architect and a disciple of the Antoni Gaudí. It was built in the Neo-Gothic architectural style during the years 1905 – 1929. Entrance to the church is free and it’s open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 till 14:30.

I visited Son Servera twice. First time I took my bike and I was cycling from Cala Bona to Son Servera. It’s not far, it took me just around 15/20 minutes to get there. When I went to visit the New Church, I was very lucky because there was no one. It was completely empty so I could admire its beauty by myself and I could take some nice photos as well.

My second visit was last Friday. That time I took a bus which costs 1,90€ and I went to see the markets. I wasn’t too amazed by the stuff they sold at the market, they have the typical things that I mentioned before. The town got very busy during the street market and the buses were also busier on the way back. My friend and I decided to take a taxi back, together we paid 5,50€ so there wasn’t such a big price difference comparing to the bus.


Anyway, I would definitely recommend to see both places. If you decide to rent a car, stop by the Cap des Pinar to look at the whole coast of Cala Bona and Cala Millor. It’s truly amazing so I’m sure you will like it. You shouldn’t skip visiting Son Servera but I would probably avoid going to the town on Fridays since it gets very busy. Better to choose other day for seeing the town centre including the New Church. No doubts that it will be more quiet and you will be able to enjoy your time there much more.

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