Cala Bona, Cala Millor, Sa Coma: Three holiday resorts in Mallorca

At the beginning of April I took a flight from Vienna to Palma de Mallorca. I started to live in Cala Bona and work in Sa Coma. During the first days I had to buy a bike in order to be able to go to the hotel. Since that time I have been going by bike every day along the seaside from Cala Bona to Sa Coma, passing Cala Millor. Today I would like to talk about these three beautiful holiday resorts in Mallorca.

Cala Bona

Cala Bona used to be a small fishing village which, with increasing tourism, developed into a small holiday resort. It’s situated in the northeast of Mallorca, north of Cala Millor and south of Costa dels Pins. It consists of a cove with a harbour and surrounding coastal area. In 2006, the beach of Cala Bona received a Blue flag beach award. The resort offers everything you need for a relaxing holiday. There are many shops, bars, restaurants as well as bicycle, motorbike and car hire points.

The first apartment where I was living, was located directly in the port of Cala Bona. After two weeks I moved few blocks further to an apartment with a sea view. It’s situated above the Restaurant Melis which I can definitely recommend. Anyway, I like living in Cala Bona because it’s not that busy like Cala Millor but you still get everything you need. The photo that you can see below was taken in Cala Bona and I just love that tree, the spot is amazing!

Cala Millor

Cala Millor is a purpose built holiday resort which began to develop in the 1950’s and has continued to grow ever since. It consists of mainly holiday accommodation except for a few areas that have been designed as nature reserves. Cala Millor literally means “Better Bay”. The biggest attraction in Cala Millor is the Blue Flag beach which is 1,8 km long and up to 35 metres wide. It’s also one of the finest beaches in Mallorca.

A photo taken in May 2017.

Along the seafront promenade of Cala Millor there is a cycle path that I always use when I go to work from Cala Bona to Sa Coma. It’s really beautiful to cycle along the seaside but there are two things that I hate about it. First, it’s the “confused” tourists walking on the cycle path and getting scared when I ring the bell to be able to pass. Second, the quad bikes that occupy the entire width of the path so sometimes it’s impossible to pass them.

Anyway, it’s a nice resort that offers many opportunities. There are many restaurants, bars and bike/quad/car rentals. On the beach there are many sunbeds with sun umbrellas for rent and they also offer different water sports. On the promenade from Cala Bona to Cala Millor there are 15 stone and metal works made by the Spanish sculptor Pedro Flores. Shown are quite every day objects, such as beds, windows andsofas. You can see all of them here. It offers an unusual shot from your holidays!

Sa Coma

Sa Coma is a small resort with beautiful sandy Blue Flag beach. It was created in 1980’s as a tourist resort and residential development. Sa Coma is very family orientated so the evening entertainment mainly takes place in the hotel, rather than in bars or clubs. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, it’s better to go to Cala Millor. Sa Coma also offers a variety of watersports , such as scubadiving, windsurfing or boat rental.

Talking about Sa Coma, I should definitely mention the Smooth Jazz Festival, an outstanding cultural event held annualy in May in 5-star Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa. For about a week there are live performances of soul, funk and jazz music.

Animation in Sa Coma

This year I work in the hotel Protur Sa Coma Playa & Spa (read more here). At the moment I have just one colleague, Czech like me, but soon I’m getting two more people into my team. The beginning of the season was quite quiet. It got busy during the Easter holidays when the hotel was full but then the occupation of the hotel went down again. Currently it’s getting busier which is good for us because like that we’re not too bored and the time passes much faster! I’m really curious how the season will be. Everything is new so I don’t actually know what to expect but I’m excited about it and I’ll definitely keep you updated!

If you ever decide to come to Mallorca, I would definitely recommend you to stay in one of these resorts. All of them are very nice and offer many things. The beaches are beautiful just during the high season, I suppose, it gets overcrowded. I’ll try to discover some hidden spots that I could recommend you after. It’s also worth renting a bike. It’s just so easy to cycle along the path and you get to see more from the resort.

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