Trip with my brother: Cala Morell and Algaiarens beaches

The season is coming to an end. It’s my last working week in Grupotel Aldea Cala’n Boschand I still can’t believe how fast the season passed. This time it was quite a hard season but I have survived! Probably that’s why, as the first photo, I decided to put my (one and only) jumping photo. On one side, I am happy it’s almost over, on the other side I feel a bit sad about the fact. From now on, just memories will stay in my mind, especially the good ones.

Anyway, the jumping photo was taken while my brother was here and that’s what I want to write about today. In the previous postI was talking about our trip on my day off. Since I have also half day off, I could take him toCala Morell, one of my favourite places in Menorca. I love that place because of the rocks which offer stunning views. I love taking photos there but that I have already mentioned to you. So after visiting Cala Morell, we went to the Algaiarens beaches. I had never been to these beaches before so I was glad I could visit something new as well. Even though it was cloudy and not so hot, we enjoyed our time there. Now, let me tell you something about the beaches.

Algaiarens beaches

The virgin beaches, also known as beaches La Vall, are situated just near Cala Morell. It has an easy access and there are two parking places. On the way there and back, it’s better to drive slowly and carefully because it’s very narrow and there are some cyclists as well. Cala Algaiarens is a large wide cove split into two beaches with fine and white sand. The beach closer to the parking is called Playa es Tancats and the other one Playa des Bot. Both beaches have calm and protected sea and are shallow for quite distance.

We left the car on the closer parking place and went to the beach. There weren’t so many people, probably because it was cloudy. Anyway, we passed the beach Playa es Tancats and decided to go to the second beach. We got on the way and then we were following some people. At the end they didn’t really know where they are going but nevertheless, we found the way. Passing the hill and climbing through the rocks lead us to the beach. It wasn’t busy either. There were also some nudists which felt quite strange when most of the people wore swimming suits. Nevertheless, we found a spot, put the towels on the sandy beach and then we were just relaxing for a while. The sun appeared few times but we didn’t feel like swimming there.

Since we took this trip on my half day off, we couldn’t stay for a long time there. So after taking a rest on the beach, we had to go back. When we arrived to the apartment, we had a lunch together, then my brother took a car and went to visit Binibeca Vell and the fortress La Mola. I have to say that he enjoyed having a car a lot. Just in three days he visited so many places all over the island!

My brother stayed with me in Menorca just a week at the end of September. Fortunately, the weather was good and he could enjoy the beauty of the island. We also spent some time together during my breaks so it wasn’t just about trips and visiting places. It was about relaxing, going out and talking a lot. We just had a great time together that we will not forget!

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2 thoughts on “Trip with my brother: Cala Morell and Algaiarens beaches

  1. Looks like you and your brother had an awesome adventure visiting Cala Morell and Algaiarens beaches. If you get along with your family and can go on adventures together it makes it all the more memorial-able

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