One day trip in Menorca: Binibeca Vell, Sant Lluís, Es Castell, Sa Mesquida

This year my parents got the opportunity to visit me here in Menorca. They stayed for a week and they really enjoyed their time here. They also rent a car for three days so they could discover some beautiful places on the island. On my day off we went for a trip and that’s what I would like to share with you today.


First stop – Binibeca Vell

We left the apartment in Cala’n Bosch around 10 o’clock in the morning. Our first stop was Binibeca. It’s actually one of the most visited towns in Menorca during the summer season. When you arrive there, first thing you’ll see are some shops and restaurants and, like us, you will not know where to find the famous part of the village that you saw on the internet. The easiest way is to go left before you enter the street with all the restaurants and then you just follow the way. There is also access to the village just in between the restaurants. Then you will get to the labyrith of narrow streets and you’ll be surrounded by the houses that are completely whitewashed. So just allowed yourself to get lost in the streets and enjoy the beauty of the place.


Following the streets you will be able to get to the seaside. There is a small bridge and a port with few boats. You can go down the stairs and hide yourself for a while in the shade of the rock. The village is really unique and I would recommend you to visit it. Here you have some facts about it.




The firshermen settlement of Binibeca Vell was designed by the building surveyor Antoni Sintes and the Barcelona architect Javier Barba Corsini. It was gradually built, starting in 1964, due to the fact that a group of investors from Mahón wagered their investement on a zone that had no tourists expectations. The houses in the village, built in a seemingly disorganised fashion, were meant to very faithfully imitate the fishermen’s houses found around Mediterranean.


Sant Lluís

After visiting Binibeca, we stopped in Sant Lluís because we thought we’ll have a lunch there. We walked around, saw the windmill and the church. The village was quite empty and nearly everything was closed so we decided to have a lunch somewhere else. We went to Es Castell.


Es Castell

Es Castell was a much better choice. It has a harbour part with many restaurants where you get a beautiful view. We had a lunch in the Restaurant Irene because one local lady recommended it to us. They offer a daily menu including starter, main dish, dessert, bread and drink. The portions were big, the food was tasty and the staff was nice so I would recommend you to have a meal there.


Es Castell, the most easterly town in Spain, was originally developed under the shelter of the castle of San Felipe. This incredible 16th century fortress was built to defend the island from the attacks of the Turkish fleet and was demolished by the Spanish when Menorca was recovered in 1802. During the second British occupation, the town was moved to its current location and given the name of “Georgetown”, in honour of King George. It was subsequently named Villacarlos and now it is named Es Castell (the castle) clearly referring back to its origins.


Heading to Sa Mesquida

After eating such a big lunch, we got back to the car and passing by the port of Mahón we were heading to the beach Sa Mesquida. It was a perfect choice. It’s a spectacular beach around 300 meters long. On the beach there is just one “chiringuito” (small kiosk) where you can buy some refreshment. If you’re planning to stay on the beach longer, take some food with you. You won’t find there any sunbeds or umbrellas either so bringing your own sun umbrella is highly recommended.

Nevertheless, this beach is really worth visiting. It’s a beautiful sandy beach and the water is very clear. We arrived there after 3 o’clock and there weren’t so many people which was great because normally the beaches are overcrowded during the high season. Anyway, on the beach there is also a hill around 60 metres high. I recommend to go up because you’ll get stunning views of the coast. On the other side of the beach you can observe the presence of a spectacular defence tower built by British in the 18th century. This beach is historically important as French troops disembarked on its shores with the aim of taking over the island.


Back to Cala’n Bosch

We left the beach around 6 o’clock and went back to Cala’n Bosch. We had a reservation in the Restaurant On Egin where we decided to have a dinner. I can highly recommend this restaurant, the food there is delicious and the staff is very nice and attentive. The restaurant is usually full. In case you want to eat there and they don’t have a free table at the moment, you’ll get a glass of sangria for free as an apology for waiting. After paying the bill they also give you a shot of vodka caramel.

I can say that it was an amazing one day trip. My parents and I really enjoyed it a lot. We saw beautiful places, ate delicious food and relaxed on a stunning beach. If you come to Menorca and rent a car, go and see these places. Menorca is a unique island full of outstanding places to visit. Come discover it. It’s really worth it!


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