Horseriding and Kayak: Experiencing two amazing excursions

Today I would like to share with you two completely new exciting experiences for me. I will actually tell you about two different excursions that I experienced here in Menorca and that I will never forget.


Horseriding during the sunset

Last year on the final hotel dinner I won a price in tombola. It was a voucher for an excursion with horses for 2018. Since I decided to come back to the same hotel, I was able to use it and enjoy the excursion. I could choose when to go – in the morning or during the sunset. It wasn’t difficult to decide, horseride during the sunset was a clear choice.

Fear of horses

I should probably mention that I was very afraid of the horses. When I was a kid, a horse bit me when I was feeding him. Of course, it was my fault because I left my finger in the grass. Anyway, since that time I was afraid of horses and I was always shouting when my parents or grandparents put me on the horses that walk in the circle during some events.


The horse riding excursion was a kind of a challenge for me. I was super scared but I wanted to overcome my fear and try it. When I was supposed to get on the horse, I though I will just run away. Nevertheless, I clenched my teeth and I got on. I felt scared, nervous, afraid of falling down from the back of the horse. It was strange sitting on the back of a moving animal.

At the beginning of the excursion I though I will not be able to take any photo because I was holding the reins very intensively. After a while, when I got into the horse movement, I started to feel more relaxed and I dared to take my camera out of the pocket and start taking the first photos and videos. I started enjoying the excursion.

Camí de Cavalls on the back of the horse

Our walk started in Son Xoriguer and we were walking on the Camí de Cavalls in the direction to the Cova dels Pardals. We didn’t see many people on the way. It was really quiet and we could enjoy all the views of the surrounding nature. The horses were going slowly following their leader. They had obviously done this walk hundred times. Few times we went at a trot which wasn’t really comfortable especially for my bum. I cannot imagine to ride a horse while running. I’m glad we didn’t try that.

Anyway, this excursion was more like for the beginners, people that know how to ride a horse would probably be bored. The company Son Olivar does different kinds of excursions, regarding your skills in horseriding. I enjoyed the sunset excursion a lot and I was proud of myself that I overcame my fear. If you want to try horse riding, I would definitely recommend it for you!



The second experience I want to talk about is kayaking. It is actually a part of my animation programme. Every Wednesday I do the excursion in kayak with the guests that are interested in it. As a hotel we get a discount and we can offer better prices for the kayak excursion. The kayaking is organized by the water sports from the beach Son Xoriguer and that’s also the starting point.

Kayak excursion

We usually get into double kayaks and then we paddle till we get into the first cave. That’s where we make a first break, We get off the kayaks and swim to the rocks. Then we climb up and jump from the three-meter-high cliff. After that we get back to the kayaks and we paddle till the cave “Cova dels Pardals” where we also stop for discovering the place, swimming, diving and jumping from the four meters cliff. We also have a “picnic” there – some refreshment like water, juice, biscuits, muffins…

Kayak – part of my job

For me it was the first time that I had ever done this kind of excursion and I really enjoyed it. It’s quite adventurous excursion and it’s really fun. I am lucky that I can always join the kayaking with my guests and I don’t have to pay for it. It’s a part of my job and for me it’s an ideal way to spend the morning of my working day. I always realize how much I love my job!


Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from the kayak excursion yet because I was afraid of taking my phone with me (I didn’t want to make it swim by an accident). Anyway, I wanted to share with you these two experiences because if you ever come to Menorca, you have some tips for what to do (if you get bored by the beaches or sightseeing). I definitely recommend these excursions to you. It’s really worth it!

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