OK0688 + FR6881: Lucie’s travelling nightmare

When I travel abroad, I usually go by plane. I have already flown so many times that for me it’s just fast and necessary mean of transport. I had never had a problem with flights – no delay, no lost luggage or anything else (if I don’t count a forgotten hat that I couldn’t get back). But you know as they say, never say never. My last journey was a kind of travelling nightmare. Even though my plan was actually great, it got completely destroyed at the airport.

Buying flights

When I was looking for the flights to Menorca, I knew there are no direct flights from Prague so I had to decide how to organize my journey. I chose to fly to Barcelona with Czech airlines and from Barcelona to Menorca with Ryanair. Since I had to carry a big luggage for check-in, before buying the flights, I was looking for the information if I can get a luggage transfer from one plane to another (without picking it up and do the check-in again). Google said yes so I booked two flights and between them I had three hours to change (just in case).

First complication

I left my town with a big luggage of nearly 21kg. My dad brought me to the Prague airport and then everything started to get complicated. When I was doing the check-in of my luggage, I asked for the transfer to my next flight. The guy at the desk refused it and just asked me how much time I have between the flights. When I replied three hours, he just said that I would be able to make it even in one hour. He wasn’t right but I’ll get to it later.

When the transfer of my luggage was refused, I started to worry a bit. I knew I will have to pick up the luggage, move from the terminal 1 to the terminal 2 and then do the check-in again. The only fact that kept me calm were those three hours that I was supposed to have in Barcelona.

Delayed flight

Unfortunately, everything complicated when I was waiting at the gate. I found out that the flight will be 30 minutes delayed. I started to worry a bit more, but I knew I should still make it in Barcelona. While we were waiting, they announced that we have to change the gate. Everybody went to the other gate and then we were waiting again.

The delay got up to one hour and half when we were leaving Prague. I was really worried because I had just an hour and half to change. When we landed in Barcelona, I went to pick up my luggage. It took ages to get it. When I got my luggage, I started to run with two heavy suitcases behind me.

I had an hour and a few minutes to find a way to the terminal 2. I was lucky because when I got to the bus stop, there was already a bus ready to leave. I was trying to get my breath back while balancing with the luggages. In the bus I found out that there is a terminal 2A and terminal 2B and I had no idea which one was the one I was supposed to get off. I asked the people around for advice. It was 2A.

Check-in in Barcelona

When the bus stopped there and opened its door, I got off very fast and I was running inside. I checked the board to find out where to do the check-in and I ran there. I knew my time is running out, so I skipped the long queue and went straight to the desk. I said to the lady that I need to do the check-in in order to catch a flight to Menorca and I explained her why I was late. She just told me that the check-in was closed, and I had to run upstairs to the security control.

Security control

I was running there, they let me to skip the queues. When I got to the security control, I started to take off my backpack and jacket, throwing everything into the boxes as well as taking all the electronics out of my hand luggage. I passed through the control and started to put everything back. Since I had also the check-in luggage, I had to put it to the x-ray as well.

Problem with the liquids

When the lady saw the x-ray of my big luggage where, of course, I had many liquids (especially cosmetics), she wanted me to open the luggage and throw everything away. I was trying to explain her that I just couldn’t make the check-in because my previous flight was late, she insisted to take all the liquids out of the luggage.

When I imagined I would have to throw nearly half of my luggage, I started to cry desperately. Whily crying, I was trying to explain my situation again. They called another security guy who was supposed to solve my problem. He left to call to someone, and I had to wait. I thought I won’t be able to make it and I will stay in Barcelona. When the security guy got back, he told me that he will go to the gate with me in order to make sure that the luggage will be checked-in.

Nightmare continues

Nevertheless, when we were looking for the gate number, we found out that the flight is delayed. He went to ask some staff from Ryanair about what I can do because he couldn’t just leave me in that area with the luggage full of liquids. They told him that I will have to throw all the liquids to get to the plane. He took me back and told me to try to do the check-in downstairs again because maybe they could accept my luggage when the flight is delayed. I went downstairs, and I tried to do what he said. Unfortunately I wasn’t successfull.

Crying from desperation

Sweating like hell and crying from desperation, I had to go back upstairs to the security control. I did the same like before but while I was downstairs some people from the staff had changed and they didn’t want to let me pass. I was crying and explaining my situation again. I didn’t want to give up and throw away all the liquids. So they called other security guy because I asked them if he could come with me like the previous one. He left to call someone, and I was waiting there thinking what I’ll do if I’ll miss the flight.

A lot of luck

When the security guy got back, I was told that he will let me pass there because my luggage was wrapped in the transparent film, I just had to promise him that I will not damage it. I couldn’t believe that he let me go. When I went to check the board to find out the gate number, it wasn’t there yet so at least I had time to buy two bottles of water. When I got to the right gate, after waiting there for a while, they announced a change of the gate. Again.

Feeling exhausted

My arms got probably longer by pulling two heavy suitcases behind me, I was still sweating a lot, I had to pee, I was hungry, but I tried to resist it and went to the other gate. When I was waiting in the queue, I had to explain my luggage situation to the lady from Ryanair. When I told her that I want to put the luggage down, she wanted me to pay 50€ for that. It seemed like the nightmare has no end.

I said that I bought the check-in luggage together with my flight. She took my boarding pass and went to her computer. I was just hoping that everything will be alright. When she got back, she put a sticker sign on my luggage and I didn’t have to pay anything. When I got in front of the plane, I happily left the luggage there, I was glad that I don’t have to carry it anymore. When I sat on my favourite seat 21F, I still couldn’t believe that I made it and I’m actually in the plane.

Flight to Menorca

The flight from Barcelona to Menorca took just a half an hour. After the landing I didn’t wait long for my luggage. I took it and I was walking to the exit hoping that I won’t have any problem to find the transfer bus to the hotel. Fortunately I found it immediately. We were just three going by the small bus and I was the last one getting off. When we were getting to my hotel, I noticed that everything was closed. I ran out of the water and I didn’t know how I will survive till the following day. I asked the driver if he knows about any open shop nearby in order to buy the water, he didn’t know and just said that on Sunday everything is closed.

Happy arrival to the hotel

Nevertheless, he gave me a bottle of water that he had in the bus as a present. I was glad for that. When I finally arrived at the hotel apartment, I thought I’ll cry again. From happiness. The nightmare had finally ended and I arrived at my destination – sweaty, red and swollen from the crying, thirsty and hungry. But I was there. Trully happy to finally be there!

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