Back in the menorquin paradise

I’m back. Back in Spain. Back in Menorca. Back in Cala en Bosch. Back in Aldea. Back in the place that I fell in love with at first sight. Even though my arrival wasn’t so smooth, my travelling nightmare turned into the living in the menorquin paradise again.

To make it clear to all of you, this year I decided to return to the same hotel as last year because I was very satisfied here and I got the opportunity to work here again. At the moment I feel like I had never left the island. The winter passed so fast that I feel like I hadn’t stopped working in Grupotel Aldea and I just continue with the season from last year.

For me it’s actually the first time that I had ever decided to go back to the same hotel. It’s a completely new experience because I am familiar with the hotel, I don’t feel lost like it usually is when you come to work to the new place. Everything is organized, and I know exactly where I have all the things I need. I know most of the staff of the hotel which is great, and I was really happy to see my colleagues again. It’s like being back with my menorquin family.


Anyway, after my exhausting journey to Menorca, I stayed a week in the hotel apartment. It was nice, just not so comfy as I didn’t want to unpack all my things knowing I will have to move soon. Later I moved to my new apartment. I say new because this season we’ve got different apartment than last year. It’s in the same complex though and it’s quite similar to the previous one.

This year I was lucky, and I got the biggest room of the apartment, so I finally have enough space for me and all my stuff. This time I share the apartment with two more people – a Czech animator and Italian receptionist from another hotel.


After spending two free days in Menorca, I started to work. Even if the hotel was still closed, I had to do some preparations in order to be ready when the first guests arrive. I had quite enough time to do what I needed so I didn’t have to hurry. When the hotel opened, everything was still quite relaxed because we had just few guests. The weather wasn’t so good either so sometimes I barely saw any guests.

Animation starts

The beginning of my animation was quite soft because I didn’t have much to do. Last Sunday the hotel got full so I’m finally busier than before. The weather is getting better as well so it helps me with my work. At the moment I do a programme for adults and kids as well but in June I should get one more colleague.

One of the advantages of coming back to the same hotel is also that I know some of the guests that were here last year. Some of the guests from last year even sent me a message that they are coming later in the season. That makes my animation much easier and it’s always nice to see the people again.

Repeating guests also made me to change some things in my programme. I have already prepared new quizes, I’m also trying to do some new things with the kids in the miniclub, I put some new songs to minidisco and I’m planning more changes – new music for aqua gym, new aqua zumba etc.

My new animation season has just started, and I’ll definitely inform you about my experiences, adventures, travels etc. I’m truly glad to be here again and I have many plans for the season. I hope I’ll be able to do everything. Stay tuned!

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