Friendship all around the world

When you travel, you meet many people. Some of them stay in your life, some of them are just meant to teach you something and leave. Each person has a special meaning for our lives and you can never know how long they will stay by your side. Today I would like to tell you a story about one kind of an international friendship.

We met in Peloponnese, in Greece in 2014 and since that time we have always met in different places. Last time we saw each other was this weekend and that’s why I’m actually telling you about this. But let’s start at the beginning.


2014 – 2015: Peloponnese and Corfu

Like I mentioned, I met Yara when I was working in the hotel animation in Peloponnese. There were Spanish guys that were performing capoeira in the hotels and Yara used to date one of them. So that’s how we got to know each other. The truth is that that time we didn’t talk much but somehow she touched my heart. The following year (2015) I was working in Corfu and she was staying there with the Spanish guys again. That season we got closer to each other and we had a lot of fun together (with our Hungarian friend Juta as well). We spent more time together and we even went together for a concert of our favourite Greek singer Pantelis Pantelidis.


2016 – Budapest

In June 2016 I went to Budapest to meet my Hungarian colleagues from previous years as well as one of my Greek colleagues that decided to come for a visit. When I said it to Yara, she started to look for flights immediately, she wanted to join our reunion since she knew most of us. She was lucky, found some cheap flights and came to Budapest. All of us spent amazing time together but for me the most important day was the one I spent with Yara. It was a week before my final exams at university. I felt a bit lost and without any motivation to finish the studies. Yara was the one who gave me some energy and motivation to carry on. We also found out that we have many things in common and we could talk for hours. The moment when I had to leave was quite sad but I was sure that we will meet again.


2016 – Mallorca

Our next reunion was in Mallorca in 2016. Yara came to visit me there and guess what! She found her love and now she lives there!


2016 – Madrid and La Rioja

Anyway, she came twice to Mallorca. The second time was at the end of the season so then we could visit some places together. After the season we had a flight together to Madrid and then we went to La Rioja where she was living before. That time I met her parents for the first time. We visited many places there and when the time to say goodbye came, I didn’t want to leave at all.

2016 – Czech Republic

We said bye in November and in December Yara decided to visit me in the Czech Republic. It was the time right before Christmas and her Spanish body felt super cold when it was just -3 degrees. She didn’t like going out much but I always persuaded her to visit places (it was quite hard though). We had much fun especially when we were making the Christmas sweets. Yara met all my family, I think that for them it was the first time meeting such a temperamental, vigorous and loud Spanish person. For them it was like a big storm that passed through our house. My family still remember that time Yara visited us. It was something unforgettable!

2017 – Mallorca

When Yara left the Czech republic, I started to plan some travels very soon. In March 2017 I decided to go for a two weeks trip to Spain. That time Yara was already living in Mallorca so that was one of my destination as well. It was probably the first time that I went to the beach in March. The weather was beautiful and we wanted to enjoy it as much as we could.

Since I left Mallorca, we weren’t able to meet each other, so we didn’t see each other for a year. Nevertheless, life is full of surprises and when we found out few weeks ago that we won’t be so far from each other, we were sure that we have to manage to meet. Last weekend we met in Marbella so let me tell you about it.


2018 – Marbella

Trip to Marbella

On Saturday morning I took a blablacar to Marbella. It was a great journey. The guy I went with was very nice and we were talking all the time so the time passed very fast. It’s a pleasure travelling with people that you met for the first time and you can just talk about many different things!



Anyway, around 10:30 I arrived to Marbella, actually to San Pedro (a village nearby) and I met Yara and her parents again. I met also her aunt and her cousin for the first time. Then we went for a walk to the village. Yara and I were trying to catch up the time we didn’t see each other. It was my birthday on Saturday so after the lunch we opened a bottle of champaigne and then we went to the beach to get some sun and to have a rest. Later on we took a long walk to the next village. It was quite far away, we got back by bus and we were quite exhausted. It was a long day but we did enjoy it a lot. Our plan for Sunday was to visit Marbella and that’s what we did.

On Sunday morning, we went to Marbella where I bought a ticket for a bus and then we went to discover the city! First we visited the old town. We were also lucky to see one of the processions that was happening in the local church and then on the street because of the Easter celebrations (Semana Santa). After visiting the old part of the town, we were walking to the port where we had also very good lunch. Then we took a takeaway coffee because we had to go to find a bus that will take us to the bus station. We found it quite fast and we got to the station a bit earlier than we thought. Nevertheless, we had to say “see you soon” again.


Two days passed very fast because the time always flies when you’re having a great time. But we do hope to see each other soon somewhere in the world. Like I said before, life is full of surprises and you never know what to expect. So let’s see what the life will bring us! 🙂


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