13 reasons why I love working in hotel entertainment

Why hotel entertainment?

I have been working in the hotel entertainment for quite a long time that means I got a lot of experience. For me it’s a perfect job. It is something that I really enjoy doing. It got to my heart and I fell in love with that job. Today I’d like to tell you the reasons why I like it and why I keep doing it:

  1. While working I live in beautiful destination in foreign country.
  2. I get free accommodation so I don’t need to worry about searching for a flat or paying a rent. Sometimes I even get a hotel room/apartment.
  3. During my free time I can travel around and visit many places.
  4. I have a full-board in the hotel restaurant which means no cooking and choosing from the big variety of the food.
  5. I meet many people from different countries so then I have many contacts all around the world and that gives me another opportunity to travel.
  6. I listen to the people’s interesting life stories and experiences. Every conversation enriches me and teaches me something new.
  7. I learn how to talk to people and how to get on well with them.
  8. I get in touch with locals so I get to know their customs.
  9. I get completely new experiences like eating snails, trying new fruit (like guayaba) and local meals etc.
  10. It’s a satisfying and fulfilling job. The more I give to the guests, the more I receive.
  11. It’s a jobfull of fun, smiles, laughs and positive energy.
  12. Entertainment is about leading different activities like fitness, sports and games. That’s what I like doing. When people get entertained, I get entertained too. It’s not a boring job.
  13. It’s a great opportunity to improve the ninja language skills as well as learning words or phrases in other foreign languages. What I always remember is how to say “Cheers” in other languages 🙂

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