Working in Almuñécar, a place with 340 days of sunshine

I got a job! You probably remember that I left for Spain on 14th January. I didn’t have any job arranged in advance. I just came with the hope of finding one. I was looking for a job in different hotels in Granada in order to work there as a receptionist. I wasn’t successful. I sent my CV to many other job offers that I found on the internet (waitress, public relations, animation etc). Approximately after two weeks in Spain I got some job opportunities.

New job

On Monday 4th February I started to work. At the end everything has changed and I didn’t stay in Granada as I planned. My new destination is Almuñécar, around 90 km far from Granada. Before I left the Czech Republic, I thought that it will be nice to try some different job in order to get more experience and guess what I do! Yes, you’re right. Hotel animation again! It seems like animation doesn’t want me to stop doing it. 🙂 The hotel where I started to work is called “Hotel Helios Costa Tropical“. It’s situated in Almuñécar on the Costa Tropical (Tropical Coast).

Historical Almuñécar

Almuñécar, the place where I’m living at the moment, has a lot of history. It has a Phoenician origin, in ancient times it was known as Sexi until the Muslims arrived and changed the name to Hisn Al-Monacar meaning “surrounded by mountains”. In Phoenician times Sexi had a well-established economy based on salted fish and garum (a fermented fish sauce). Later the Romans built temples, theatre and aqueducts. After Arab arrival and the establishment of the kingdom of Al-Andalus, Almuñécar became the site of a castle that was intended to defend the coast and eventually became the most important coastal city in the kingdom of Granada.

Subtropical Almuñécar

When I arrived to Almuñécar for the first time, it was totally a new place to me. I haven’t even heard about it before. It seems to be very popular by tourists though. It’s actually considered one of the most popular points on the Andalusian coast. The climate is subtropical, it enjoys an average of 340 days of sunshine a year and mild temperatures – that’s perfectly suitable for me as I don’t really like winter. It reaches the highest temperatures in Europe in winter. Compared to the rest of the Europe, it has extraordinary thermal characteristics. Almuñécar has 19 kilometres of coastline divided into 26 beaches and the sea temperature does not usually fall bellow 14 °C.

Interesting destination

I have been here over a week and I can already say that Almuñécar has caught my attention. Probably because of the history, the weather, the tranquility, the peace, the possibilities what to do or what to see. I think it’s a very interesting place to visit. Even though it’s not really big area, it offers various things to do and I’m sure that everybody finds something to enjoy. What surprised me is that even during the winter season in the culture house, there are many events like concerts, live music and dance nights. In Almuñécar you can also go to the cinema, you can visit the castle, botanical park, ornithological park, aqueduct; you can go to the street markets or you can just walk along the coast. And definitely I haven’t mention all the opportunities.

I have already visited some places here, but I am still trying to discover as much as I can about this beautiful destination. When I’ll get to know it better, I will definitely let you know. I will be glad to share with you some tips on what not to miss in case you decide to come here one day. So, stay tuned. Every Tuesday comes something new.

I still keep my smile even if it’s really windy in Almuñécar 🙂

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