Get attention! Do exceptional things!

“When people ask me what you do, I always say you work as a clown for the hotel guests.” said my grandma. I was quite shocked and at that moment I didn’t really know what to say. My words were: “It’s actually quite hard job, I work from the morning till night.”

Stable job?

I think that my parents and grandparents cannot really understand my lifestyle, my job in animation. They were raised to study at school and then immediately find a stable job that they have been doing all their life. I’m not saying it’s not right but there is more to live than this.


Our generation has so many opportunities. We can study what we want (even if it’s not very useful for life or even if we don’t learn many practical things) and we can go abroad for studies. We can travel wherever we want. There are no boundaries in discovering the world.

Family life

Not everyone desires to travel the world, to get out from the comfort zone. Some people from my generation just want to find a partner, get married, have a family (or they already have all of that). They are not interested in travelling and it’s fine.

Different life

My life is different. I decided not to follow the predetermined way of “getting job and starting family”. I didn’t feel like doing it. Five years ago I fell in love with the job of an animator and that’s what I wanted to do when I finished my studies. Of course it’s not a job for the whole life but it’s a great job when you’re young. It gives you opportunity to travel the world, to meet new people and get friends from different countries and much more. You improve your language skills, get new experience and learn new things etc. And that’s the way I chose.

Exceptional things bring you attention

I found out that doing exceptional things will always bring you to the centre of attention. Being exceptional is not the thing that the society is used to and that’s why you can get more attention like this. They will talk about it because people talk about everything that is different.
Some people are jealous of my life, they would like to travel like me but they are scared to do that, they are afraid to step out from their comfort zone. Some people are happy with their lives and they don’t care about others. And some people think that I am crazy. Especially my grandmas.

Dangerous world

My second grandma knows about all the catastrophes in the world. She believes that everywhere, (except my hometown, of course) is somebody waiting to kill me, steal my things, rape me or anything else. She is too scared from the “dangerous” world and she would prefer me to stay home.

Wandering me

You know me though. You know I can’t stay at home for a long time. I love travelling and working abroad. I love adventures. I like speaking foreign languages and meeting new friends. I like listening to the life stories of other people. I like trying different food and learning about other cultures. All of it makes me feel alive, it makes me rich mentally.

My life

Of course, I want to have a family one day, but currently I know I need to live my life. I need to find out what I want to do and where I want to live and if I wouldn’t travel and I wouldn’t do what I do now, I think I would regret it later. It’s my life; I want to live it how I want. Every mistake, every failure is a life lesson. Nobody can protect you from that. It’s necessary to live it, to understand it.

Attention because of animation

At the moment my love is animation. It’s not a job of clown; it’s a hard ninja job. It’s not a typical 9-to-5 job. In animation we work all day long with short breaks. The one who has never tried that, will never understand. And because it’s different than “normal” jobs, it catches attention of other people. Do you need attention? Do exceptional things!
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