Menorca, I will miss you a lot

Every season has the same beginning. I come to the place where I don’t know anybody, I don’t know what to expect, sometimes I’m scared how everything will be but I try to be open to new adventures and new connections. Step by step I always adapt, I find new friends and then everything is alright and I can fully enjoy the time in the “foreign” place.
Every season has also the same end. It has to come to the end one day and sometimes it’s hard to understand that everything is over. For me it’s always hard to leave.

In love with Menorca

You know I’m in love with Greece but few months ago I fell in love with Menorca as well. It’s a beautiful island full of amazing places to visit. I have already visited many of them but I still feel that there is so much to see!

Last trips

In the last weeks I visited Cala en Blanes – there is a small beach with an area where you can grill your own meat, there are many palms and it looks very nice!

Cala en Blanes, Menorca

My Cuban-menorquin dad also took me to Monte Toro – the place where you can see the whole Menorca. It was amazing because even from the distance I could recognize some places.

Monte Toro, Menorca
The same day I also decided to visit two talaiotic sites – Montefí and Torretrencada. It was quite easy to find the first one but the second one was quite complicated. I had to drive on very narrow road where two cars can hardly fit. On my way back I wanted to try to get to the main road in a different way but that was a big mistake. The road was getting more narrow and more rocky, then I just couldn’t continue so on one wider place I had to turn the car and get back the way I came from. It was quite stressful especially because I was afraid to break the car that is not mine. Anyway, everything ended well and I got to the main road.

Talaiotic sites - Montefí and Torretrencada, Menorca

Cala en Bosch

In my posts during the season I have always told you about the places I visited but I have actually never mentioned the beautiful area where I was working. Cala en Bosch and Son Xoriguer are two nice beaches near my hotel. If you go along the seaside, you can also get to the old fisherman house with a cave downstairs. In the area of Cala.en Bosch there is also a small port, nearby is a lighthouse. It’s not so big but it’s just amazing here!

Beaches Cala en Bosch and Son Xoriguer, Menorca

To be honest, I cannot imagine leaving the place after 6 months. It’s been a wonderful time here full of adventures, friendships, experiences, new people with their stories, also full of creativity in the miniclub and energy during the activities. Many people – guests, staff, friends – ask me if I’ll come back next year. I’m not sure yet even if I love it here and it’s actually the first hotel where I would come back (it’s the sixth hotel where I have worked). Let’s see what will happen next year. The only thing I know at the moment is:

Cala en Blanes, Menorca
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