Bye September, Hello October

It’s been a long time since I wrote the last post. September was quite busy for me and I didn’t have much time to share with you my news. I can tell you now though.

Alone again in animation

At the end of August, my colleague Krisztina left so I was quite sad because we got along very well, not just at work but also like friends. We had much fun together, we shared our experiences, we learnt from each other and we spent great three months working together.
From the beginning of September I got new colleague Lara, she stayed with me just for three weeks. Since she left, I have been again the only animator in the hotel again. And I cannot complain, I’m actually quite happy like that.


In September I had also two visits from my friends. First two friends stayed one week. We had a nice time together. On my day off we went to the menorquin ZOO called Lloc de Menorca which is commited to different enviromental conservation and enrichment programmes in order to guarantee a better quality of life for their animals. After that we visited Naveta des Tudons, the most remarkable megalithic chamber tomb in the Balearic islands. Our last stop was in Ciutadella where we went to see the sunset.
ZOO Lloc de Menorca, Naveta des Tudons, Ciutadella
Later on came other two friends, also for a week, it was just more relaxed with them. We spent one evening walking in Ciutadella. On my day off we were sunbathing on the beach Cala Galdana that I have already mentioned several times.
With the girls in Ciutadella, Menorca

Travelling around

September flew away and I realized that I have just one month left on this amazing island so I decided to discover more places before I leave. Since the beginning of October I have visited some places with my Cuban-Menorquin dad. Jorge took me to the lighthouse of Punta Nati. It’s a wonderful place in the middle of nowhere, there are just many rocks all around. (There is also the lighthouse Artrutx on the photo).
Lighthouse Artrutx and Punta Nati, Menorca
Another day we went to Son Bou, it’s the largest beach in Menorca. It’s around 3km long. It’s also worth visiting.
Son Bou, Menorca

The same day in the afternoon I went alone to Cala Morell. I spent there about three hours – walking around, taking photos, enjoying the views. It was a perfect afternoon of disconnecting from the hotel, from the guests, from the work as well as of absorbing energy and sunshine for the following week. First I went to visit the nekropolis – there are many caves there, you can walk around and also get inside to the caves. From the top you can see the beach Cala Morell as well as the Elephant Rock. When I got out from the caves, I went by car nearer to the beach and then I walked to the Elephant Rock where a stunning view appeared in front of me. I didn’t expect that but I was happy to see the rocks, the sea, the sun and I just started to laugh. It just got out of me. Laugh of happiness, energy from the day and unexpected view. I was fascinated by the beauty of the nature.

Cala Morell, Menorca
Cala Morell has been my last trip till now. Before I leave Menorca, I still have plans to visit other wonderful places of the island but I feel like I can never see everything. It’s a small island but there are so many places worth visiting. I’ll do my best and try to visit as much as I can. I’ll keep you informed as soon as I can!
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