Passing time in Menorca

Everything passes so fast. It has already been more than one month that I’m in Menorca. So what happened during the time I have been here?

Hotel opening and kids

My hotel opened on 10th May so since then I have been working. At the beginning I had to manage with the programme for adults as well as for the kids. As you know, I started to get along really well with the kids which was quite surprising even for me. But when the kids look at you and you can see their shining eyes or they just unexpectedly and spontaneously give you a hug, you feel like you are their superhero and also you know that you are a part of their holidays’ happiness. I will not write more about it now because you already read about my experience with kids in my previous post Kids’ ninja.

New colleague

Two weeks ago I got new colleague for my “team” so at the moment we do the programmes separately – I do fitness and sports for adults and my Hungarian colleague Krisztina manages with the kids. Of course, our programmes cannot be totally separated. Animation work is a team work and everything is connected. We have also some programmes that we do together because it’s for the whole family.
Pirates' day in the hotel

Discovering the island

Not to talk just about the work, like always I have one and a half day off which is quite good for relaxing or discovering the island. Unfortunately, till now I haven’t able to discover much. Sometimes I just stayed on the beach because I was tired from the previous night. My first trip was to Ciutadella – the town where I arrived with the ferry from Mallorca. It’s actually a beautiful historical town where all the monuments are concentrated in the centre. It’s nice to walk around and pass by the port that is full of different restaurants that are quite expensive. I had lunch on the square in the centre in the restaurant called Fabiol. You can get daily menu for a good price and the food is also very tasty.
Other day two of my Cuban friends took me for excursion to Cala Galdana and Fornells. It was just half day trip because they had to work so unfortunately we didn’t have much time. But we got up early to see as much as we could and we really enjoyed it. They showed me two beautiful places, we spent nice time together and I’m really grateful for that.
Cala Galdana and Fornells with the Cubans, Menorca

Menorquin family

I should probably explain where I found two Cuban friends. When I started to work in the hotel, I met all the staff – from the kitchen, bar, reception etc. As usual, at the beginning I had a problem to remember all the names (thank God for name tags) but I had to manage with that and day by day I was getting closer to all of them. Everybody was so nice to me, willing to help me with anything, they always smiled at me and from the beginning I could feel that they accept me and I became a part of their “hotel family”. So it didn’t take long and I already found my “Menorquin” family here. Even if most of them are actually not from Menorca, but from different parts of Spain or even from Cuba, for me they are family that I found here in Menorca and I’m really glad for that!Well, that’s pretty much what I have experienced till now. I still have a lot of time in front of me and I hope it will be full of new adventures, new people, a lot of fun, many trips and amazing experiences. I’m still excited about all of that. And don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated about everything!

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