Menorca – love at first sight

I have just spent five days in Menorca and I feel like I have been living here for a long time. But let’s start at the beginning.

Ferry from Mallorca to Menorca

Before I came to Menorca, I spent three days in Mallorca, just to remember the wonderful time I spent there, After that I took a ferry from Alcúdia to Ciutadella de Menorca. I have to say that I had never experienced a journey in a ferry that is moving so much and honestly, I hope I’ll never experience it again. I’d better swim back to Mallorca than to get into the ferry again!


Anyway, on Friday evening I arrived to my lovely apartment here in Menorca. The apartment is very nice. I have my own room with two beds, I share a bathroom, kitchen and a living room with the team leader from another hotel. We can also use a big outdoor swimming pool or we can just sit outside to have a drink.

New favourite restaurant

Well, when I arrived, I went out to find a nice place to eat because I was very hungry. I walked around some restaurants and I met all the guys that stay in front of them and invite people to go inside. Then I chose the restaurant with the most pleasant guys and I ate there. The restaurantEl Patobecame my favourite restaurant where I got new friends as well. So from the beginning of my stay I haven’t felt lonely. I know I can always come to see my favourite waiters, chat with them, get a smile, a drink, a meal or wi-fi☺.

Discovering the place

During the weekend I had quite enough time to discover the place I will be living till the end of October. I was walking around, I got to the lighthouse Far d’Artrutx, I was walking the part of Camí de Cavalls. It’s well-known ancient coastal path of 186 km around Menorca. I should probably mention that Menorca is an eco-friendly island and the people here care a lot about the nature. Probably that’s why it is so beautiful full of native Mediterranean plants and wildlife. To be honest, I cannot wait to discover this wonderful island!

My apartment and walking around Cala en Bosch and Cap d' Artrutx, Menorca
My apartment and walking around
On Wednesday I will finally start to work in the hotel animation. Till now I was just preparing the things for the upcoming season. This year I’m working in the Grupotel Aldea Cala’n’Bosch. I hope everything will go well and I will have a wonderful season here in Menorca! During my days off I’m planning to travel so I’ll keep you informed about my excursions and other adventures from the island. Get ready! This is just a start, six months are in front of me☺.
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