5 songs that remind me great times

Do you know that feeling when you hear a song and it reminds you of a specific moment? That’s something I know well. Every time I stay longer at one place, I connect at least one song with that stay. So this time I would like to share with you 5 songs that always take me back to the places I have travelled.

First animation season in Kos

In 2013 I decided to try working as an animator in the hotel. It was actually the beginning of my “animation career”. I spent three months in Greek island Kos and it was an incredible experience for me. During these three months, every working day, at least twice I had to listen and dance to the song “Opa Opa” from Antique. I think this song will always stay in my mind as well as the choreography for it.

Wiggle virus in Peloponnese

The second song – “Wiggle” by Jason Derulo – will always remind me of my second animation season in Peloponnese. During the season we were recording videos when we were dancing to this song in different places. At the end, our team leader created mixture of these videos and called it Wiggle virus. Unfortunately, I cannot share it with you because it is not available anymore.

Erasmus in Thessaloniki.

The third song is not connected to animation but to Erasmus in Thessaloniki. I spent five amazing months there – you can even read some posts from that times. During Erasmus we went to many parties, we could not have missed any Wednesday Erasmus party in the club 8ball. The music was always the same but it was always really good. My friend Denčí and I were dancing “zombie dance” (that’s how we called it) and the song “Black Widow” by Iggy Azalea will always stay in my mind connected to Erasmus – 8ball – “zombie dance”.

Dancing in Corfu

Next song is connected to my third animation season in Corfu. You can find here some old posts from that season. It was also wonderful season full of joy, friendship, laugh and many experiences. Every week we had dance show for the guests and that’s when we created the following dance to the song “Read All About It” from Emeli Sandé. The last time we were dancing it together, it was so emotional that we couldn’t hold the tears. This song and this dance will always stay in my heart.

Season in Mallorca

As you know, my last animation season was in Mallorca, Spain. During the season I had to download a lot of new music to play it for the guests so I got in touch probably with all the summer hits. It was a bit harder to choose one song from that summer. At the end, I chose the “Duele el corazón” by Enrique Iglesias because it’s a Spanish summer hit that was always played in the hotel, in the restaurants, in the bars and the clubs and everybody knew the lyrics “Si te vas, yo también me voy…” and were singing it.

I hope you like these songs. I’ll be glad if you share in comments the songs that remind you of some of your experiences. Anyway, four out of five songs I chose were connected to my animation seasons, let’s see which song will stay in my mind from the season in Menorca☺.

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