My heart around the world

Everybody knows that I travel a lot because I love it. I am abroad quite often. Maybe that’s why people stopped asking me “How are you?” and started to ask me “Where are you?” at the first place. To travel is to live. To travel is also to leave pieces of my heart in different places.
When people ask me about my travels, the most common question is: “What was the best place you have ever visited?” and it’s so hard to answer that question. Every place I visited had something special. Sometimes I fell in love with the city itself (like Thessaloniki – it’s my heart thing♥), sometimes I fell in love with the atmosphere of the place, sometimes I experienced something new there and sometimes I fell in love with people there. Till now I have left my heart in so many places and it’s always hard to leave the place that I somehow got connected with. My heart always says: “Stay, you’re happy here.”, but my mind knows that there are so many places in the world to discover so why to stay in the same place?

My heart in Spain

Last year, one piece of my heart stayed in Spain. The amazing time I spent there and such strong connection with people there made me buy flight tickets to visit all of them. My journey started with the flight from Bratislava to Madrid. In Madrid I was visiting one of my Czech friends who is there on her Erasmus. Even if I didn’t spend much time there, I enjoyed every minute!

Just in one day we did so many things! Except sightseeing we ate typical churros with chocolate and we had also tasty dinner cooked by my friend. After the dinner we were drinking sangria and later on Puerto de Indias (strawberry gin) with sprite and strawberries – it always reminds me of the amazing time I spent in Mallorca – I was glad that the girls liked it because it was their first time drinking it. Then we got in the right mood and went out for a party. When we finally got to the club, we went straight to the dance floor, we were dancing a lot and enjoying the company of Spanish guys. The time passed very fast. When we got back home, I had just one hour left to take the bus to Granada. I am still not sure if it was good idea to spend that hour by sleeping ?. Anyway, when I got to the bus, I couldn’t resist and I continued sleeping – I had enough time for that because the journey took 5 hours.

With the girls in Madrid, Spain

Couchsurfing connections in Granada

In Granada I was visiting my good friend that I met in Mallorca. Unfortunately he had to work first two days so I had to make my own plan. As you know, I like to meet new people (Check:Connect with strangers) so in these two days I met two great guys from Couchsurfing – one from Granada and one from Chile studying in Granada. I had a wonderful time with both of them – we went sightseeing, they showed me some nice places in the city, we were walking a lot, sometimes we stopped for some drink and of course we were talking a lot about many different things and we were sharing our experiences and stories. It was very interesting and enriching. It was a pleasure to meet them!

Exploring Granada, Spain

Coast of Salobreña

The following two days I spent with my friend Sergio. First day we went to the coastal town called Salobreña and we had a fantastic lunch there – if you ever go there, you should definitely eat grilled octopus in the restaurantEl Peñón. Then we visited the local castle with an amazing view of the sea and the snowy mountains as well. When we got back to Granada, we went to the highest vantage point to see the complete Granada city, we even saw the sunset from there! Later on we went out for a drink with another friend from Mallorca and we ate typical Spanish tapas. When we got back home, I started to realize how strong the sun was, because my face, neck and arms got completely red and I realized I needed to buy some after sun cream as well as sun protection for next days.

In the restaurant El Peñón in Salobreña, Spain

Visit of Alhambra

Next day we decided to visit Alhambra – the most famous place in Granada. We weren’t sure we can get inside because we didn’t book tickets online in advance. I was a bit afraid that at the end I will miss it but we were lucky! When we came there, we bought the tickets without any problem. I was really excited to see this Arabic palace and fortress complex. It’s so huge that you should be ready to spend there many hours to see everything. We spent there the whole afternoon and it was worth it. If you ever go there, don’t miss the visit of palace because it’s the most beautiful part of Alhambra.

After visiting Alhambra we went for a drink and tapas again, we took a short walk and then we went back home because I had to pack my things. The time to change location came. The following day I was flying from Málaga to Palma de Mallorca.

Alhambra in Granada, Spain

Back in Mallorca

First day in Mallorca I spent with my Spanish dad Juan. He picked me up from the airport and then we had a lunch together – snails and quail (super tasty) – in mallorquin restaurantEs Cruce. After that we went for a coffee and then we visited another colleague from the hotel. In the evening I went to Calvia where I was staying with my friend Yara who moved there from La Rioja.

I was really happy to be back there again. The weather was perfect so Yara and I spent two days on the beach. Actually before that we had to go for shopping to Primark. My goal was to buy bikini and sunscreen but if you have ever been to Primark, you know that you never end up just with the things you want to buy and that’s what happened to me. Of course I bought what I needed but also many other things that will be useful during the summer☺. After the shopping in Primark and having tasty lunch in UDON we headed to the beach of Illetes. The next day we spent on the beach Ses Covetes.

Back to Mallorca, Spain

Mallorquin family

The following days I spent in Cala Ratjada where I was working last summer. It felt a bit strange to be there again but I was trully happy too. When I arrived to Mallorca, I knew that I’d spend a great week there with people I love – with my lovely colleagues from last season, my Spanish friends, my Mallorquin family! I missed my Mallorquin family a lot. ♥
During these days I tried to meet them all – for a breakfast, lunch, coffee, drink or dinner. We even went to the cinema and ate tons of popcorn. We had so much fun together like before when we were working in the hotel. My arrival to Mallorca was like a little reunion of people from the hotel that don’t actually see each other even if they live in the same place. When I came, all of us got back together for a while and I enjoyed every single moment of it. Right now it feels like it was just a dream because it passed so fast. But it’s like this – when you have fun and things to do, time flies. Nevertheless, I’m glad for such amazing memories because I’ll never forget the time I spent in Mallorca!
Mallorquin family

Time to go…

Last day I spent in Palma de Mallorca. I entered the cathedral, then I was walking around and enjoying the sunny day. I had a great lunch and I bought a tasty ice cream. I was thinking about previous days. Like before, I didn’t want to leave this beautiful island. The only thing I kept in my mind was that I’ll be back in May again. I will not be working in Mallorca again but I’ll pass by to see my Mallorquin family because Mallorca is one of the places where I left a part of my heart.
My next destination will be Menorca this year, let’s see if it will get to my heart. Let’s see if I will find a Menorquin family there, let’s see if I will leave part of my heart there as well. I will keep you informed about my adventures!
Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca

What about you? Where have you left a piece of your heart? I’ll be glad if you share it in comments.

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