Special weekend in Düsseldorf

During my travelling and working abroad I’ve met many people. When I spend more time with these people, I often make new friendships that can survive any distance. Then I’ve met people, for example guests in the hotel, that I get along with but there isn’t any opportunity to get to know each other well, because it’s just not possible to make it in a week or less. Nevertheless, I always stay in touch with these people and when I have the opportunity to visit them, I do it.

My trip to Düsseldorf

At the beginning of February I spent a weekend in Düsseldorf visiting people I met in Mallorca and during that weekend I realized how lucky I am that I can visit people in many different places in the world. My door to the world are wide open and I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can. So how did I actually spend the weekend?


The evening I arrived, we went to the Croatian restaurant to have dinner. It was actually my first time eating Croatian food and I can say that it was very nice. Then we went to the house and I was shown my room where I was sleeping. The rest of the evening we spent by talking, laughing and having a lot of fun together.

Dutch Venlo

The first whole day I actually didn’t spend in Düsseldorf. That day the weather wasn’t really good and we decided to go to southeastern Netherlands to the city “Venlo” which is situated approximately 30 minutes driving from Düsseldorf. Even if it was raining, I was really excited about that trip because I had never been to Netherlands before. The city was quite nice just overcrowded with people because of the markets they had there. For a lunch we tried Dutch “kibbelings” which are actually battered chunks of deep fried fish served with mayonnaise sauce, which tasted good.

Sightseeing in Düsseldorf

The following day we went for sightseeing in Düsseldorf, we were walking around the city, we went up to the TV tower to have a great view of the city. We had a typical Bratwurst (German sausage) for lunch and we made a tour to some beerhouses to drink German beer. In the evening we had a jumbo coctail in the bar and then we moved to the Spanish restaurant to have tapas for dinner in order to remember the time in Spain.

Wild park

My last whole day we drove to big wild park, we were walking there, watching wild animals and giving them carrots. After that we ate a döner kebab – probably the biggest I have ever had! – and we went to visit the palace Benrath with its park and lake. We couldn’t enter the palace so we were just walking in the park and around the lake. It’s really beautiful there so I definitely recommend to visit it. I think that in spring and in summer it will be just amazing there with all the blooming flowers.

Weekend in Düsseldorf, Germany

Time to leave…

The last day I had to pack my things and leave for the airport but before that we had lunch in very nice Greek restaurant. Then when the time to leave came, I felt quite sad that everything happened so fast. The weekend in Düsseldorf meant something special for me. Now I can say that my friends made it special. Everything was so intense, I had a wonderful time there, I could share the stories of my life with them and they were also willing to tell me their stories. It wasn’t just normal talking about normal things. We had many deep conversations that somehow enriched me, that helped me to understand myself and other people and it also helped us to open up and to get closer to each other. It was actually a weekend full of laughing, positivity, new adventures, new experiences, discovering new places and of course fast growing friendship that I will always appreciate, because sometimes it’s not so easy to find people who trully understands you and who cares about you. So be grateful for the true friends you have, it is something special! Take care of your friendships.
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