Ninja on holidays

After exhausting animation season, every ninja deserves some holidays. How to start the holidays? With partying all night! Sounds great, right? But next day you realize you need to pack all the things you gathered during the season. In the hangover condition you’re even slower and not willing to do anything. When you somehow finally collect all the things you reach the point when even ninja becomes desperate seeing tons of clothes, cosmetics and other things and knowing that space in the luggages is limited. Nevertheless ninja is able to manage everything.
I am the ninja! I managed and I packed everything and moved from one place to another to enjoy my holidays!
After leaving the hotel, I stayed few more days in Cala Ratjada just to enjoy the last moments there and to say bye to my colleagues. I also discovered a new place by climbing the mountains with Ann, it was a bit dangerous and adventurous at the same time.
Cala Ratjada, Mallorca

Cala Ratjada, Mallorca

Then I went to Calvia where I met again with my Spanish friend Yara who I was with till the end of my holidays. You already know part of my Calvia holidays because that was the weekend when we went to Marineland but we visited more places than that. After Marineland we went to Palmanova, to have a really tasty lunch in Indian restaurant and then we were just walking around.

Indian restaurant in Palmanova, Mallorca

Palmanova, Mallorca

The other day we went to the wonderful village Valldemossa, Port de Soller and the beach Cala Deia.

Valldemossa, Port de Soller and the beach Cala Deia in Mallorca
On 7th November came the day when I had to leave Mallorca, a place where I spent amazing four months and… you know the rest of the story ☺. My feelings were mixed, I felt sad because I was leaving the island, and also happy because my holidays weren’t over yet. Me and Yara had a flight to Madrid, we arrived quite late and while we were waiting for our friend Sandra to pick us up, we were freezing and we wanted to go back to Mallorca immediately. Nevertheless, we survived and the next day we enjoyed sightseeing with Sandra in Madrid and eating typical Spanish “churros”!

Churros in Madrid
With the girls in Madrid
In the afternoon we took a bus and we went together to La Rioja where I actually spent the rest of my holidays. I was staying with Yara in her house in Casalarreina and every day we went for a trip. The goal of our first day was obvious – to buy some winter outfit in Primark because I had just summer clothes and I couldn’t survive just in my spring jacket. Fortunately, I was successful ☺.
My new winter outfit from Primark
The following days we visited many places – Haro, Laguardia, Sajazarra, Cellorigo, San Millan de la Cogolla, Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Labastida.
Haro, Laguardia, Sajazarra, Cellorigo, San Millan de la Cogolla, Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Labastida
During these days, me, Yara and Jorge, had a lot of fun, we ate delicious food like octopus or tuna steak and we met again with Sergio, my friend from Mallorca!
With my friends in La Rioja, Spain
My last day in La Rioja was November 14th, on 15th I was flying to Budapest where I met my friends Juta and Elvira:
With the girls in Budapest, Hungary
Anyway, every time when the moment comes to go back home, I’m sad because everything is over. This year I had a flight early in the morning and from the plane I could see how the new day begins, all the colours that precede the upcoming sun and at that moment I realized that nothing is over. Each day is a beginning of something new and so the life is. When something is over, something new begins. So the only thing I want to say is “Thanks for the amazing experience, I’m ready for a new adventure”.
The flight, plane
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