Mallorca journey

My season in Mallorca came to an end. Four months passed super fast that I still cannot believe it’s over.
As you know, when I arrived here, I felt lost because I was alone, I didn’t know anybody and I couldn’t understand anything. So what has changed during my stay in Cala Ratjada?

Spanish skills

Well, first of all my Spanish. At the beginning it was very bad, I couldn’t say anything but every day I was listening to the people around and that helped me to remember the vocabulary I used to know, it helped me to start speaking Spanish again.

Spanish family

Step by step, I also got to know the staff. Because I was the only animator in the hotel and I was always there – around the pool, in the lobby bar, at the reception, in the restaurant etc., I got to know all the people from staff and of course everybody knew me and remembered my name. At the beginning it was a bit difficult for me because I didn’t remember any name so I should probably thank the name tags that everybody had☺. Anyway, during the season slowly slowly I was getting closer to my colleagues and now I actually feel like I found my Spanish family here that I will miss a lot. The people from the staff were the ones who made my summer unforgettable and kind of special. I could feel that I’m part of their teams even if my job was totally different. Big thanks to all of them ♥.
Mallorquin family

New experiences

My Mallorca journey wasn’t just about people, it was also about some new experiences. One of the greatest experiences was eating snails – it can seem disgusting but it’s really delicious! The first time I tried it in the great Mallorquín restaurant called Es Cruce which is situated near Manacor. If you ever come to Mallorca, I definitely recommend it.

Eating snails en Es Cruce near Manacor, Mallorca

Other excitement came during my trip to Arta and Ermita de Betlem when I saw the tree with almonds. It was something I had never seen before and I would have never imagined that I would eat almonds directly from the tree. Maybe it’s funny for you but for me it was something special. I had to make a documentation:

Picking almond from the tree


During my stay in Mallorca some friends visited me and that was really fun. With my first friend we spent all day sailing on the sea and that was really good experience. My next visit was some kind of international – three friends – Spanish, Slovak and Czech. During one week we had time to do different things like swimming in the pool on the roof of COOEE, partying in Bolero and simply spending amazing time together with a cup of coffee or Puerto de Indias:

Puerto de Indias with sprite
The “mean girls” like they called themselves during my music quiz, joined also my evening programme and they got a big applause during the karaoke. It was really intensive week full of fun and emotions and I’m looking forward to see them again soon.
With the girls in COOEE, Cala Ratjada, Mallorca

Small world

I should also mention some coincidences that show how small the world is. One of the big coincidences was the fact that I found out that my colleague Effie from my first animation season worked in the hotel in Mallorca approximately 1 hour from me. So after three years we met again and we spent a great time together. Another coincidence was that a British couple that I met last year in the hotel in Corfu came for holidays to Mallorca and I had the opportunity to see them again as well. We spent a nice day together, there was just a small problem when my glass of a cold coffee broke and all the coffee spilled on my shorts. Nevertheless, we were laughing about it and it will be a funny memory that cannot be forgotten.

Days off

The integral part of my summer were also my days off that I usually spent by discovering the island. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I visited Capdepera and Arta, later on also Caves Arta, Canyamel, Alcúdia, Manacor, Caves de Drach, Calla Millor, Sa Coma, Ermita de Betlem, Cap de Formentor etc. I was usually alone but I did enjoy it much because I was free to organize everything how I wanted and I wasn’t limited by anybody. Sometimes I went for a trip with friends and we had nice days off together.


Anyway, my wonderful season in Mallorca has finished. What’s coming now? After some holidays in Mallorca, Madrid, La Rioja, Bilbao and Budapest I’ll get back home, back to the freezing Czech republic and of course I’ll be searching for new adventures, maybe new job, maybe new country. I’ll see what life brings to me and I’ll keep you informed about everything 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Mallorca journey

  1. Sooo, so happy for you. You fully deserve a holiday now, enjoy it and keep us updated, you bring joy even on a rainy day. Kisses and hugs, my Czech sister!

  2. Have a great time travelling, wishing you many happy days ahead! All the best for the future

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