Everybody has a story to tell

As you may know, working in animation is mainly about meeting new people. I could divide these people into two groups. People from staff that I see every day during the whole season and then the hotel guests. Usually I talk more with the guests because that’s the main goal of my job.
Every guest I meet in the hotel, makes some impression on me. Sometimes it takes few days to get closer to people but when I can talk with them more often, they start to open up and that’s the greatest part. Some people are willing to share their stories, their experiences and this way I can discover a lot of interesting things and I even learn something new. I also found out that it doesn’t matter how old the person I talk to is because even young people/students can have many things or ideas to share. They are at the beginning of their lives, sometimes they have the exact idea about what they want to do with their lives, sometimes they have some plans and sometimes they just wait what the life will bring (like me, haha :)) One of the greatest impressions made a girl who has just finished her high school and after the holidays here went to India for 9 months. It felt like a dream!Of course I meet many mature people with different jobs; just to mention, a math teacher who has travelled all around the world and had many stories to tell, or a singer who studied dancing, or even ex-dancer who works as postman and loves his job, or seller of kids’ clothes who’s very serious at his job and gets relaxed in holidays, talking to other people and makes a lot of fun all around.

In the hotel where I work there are approximately 80% of Germans but when I get in touch with people, I find out that although many people live in Germany, they have other nationality. For example, I met a couple who ran from Baghdad because of the war, or some Turkish and Arabic people who live in Germany. It’s always very interesting to hear their experience, these people are very open-minded, they used to live in many countries and they could talk for hours.

I have to say that I really enjoy listening to the stories and I’m also glad that people want to hear my stories and are interested in my future plans. All of that helps me to find out what I want to do with my own life. One thing I already know, I want to enjoy my life and I want to have many stories to tell. I want to be the one to inspire other people as well like “my” guests inspire me.

Even though everybody has lived his life in their own way and everybody has experienced different things, everybody has a story to tell. What is yours?

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