Stop for a minute and smile :)

It’s a usual day. You’re doing your usual things. Then you go out, you’re walking, deep in your own thoughts, watching people and everything around. People are in a hurry, everybody looks so serious, sometimes they don’t even look into your eyes when they are passing. They are literally running, they don’t have time to stop. Maybe they are just not able to stop. To enjoy the present moment. To see how the sun is shining. To see what an amazing day it is. They are missing out many things but they don’t realize it. Very rarely you can see a person with a smile on the face. Sometimes they just look into your eyes and smile at you and you cannot react differently than to pay it back with the smile as well. Trust me it will make your day! You will probably start to use the same “medicine” to all the frowning people. Try it. Just look into their eyes and smile. If somebody smiles back, then you can be sure you made his day and maybe he will do the same. It’s a chain reaction. So let’s try to spread together some positive energy with a smile. It’s free. It doesn’t cost a thing. Let’s change the world together, let’s be happy!

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