Lili Zografou: Women, Love, Freedom and Life

It’s been a long time since I promised to write an article about the main motifs of Lili Zografou’s literary work (women, love and freedom) and her life philosophy. In the meantime I successfully defended my thesis which was, unfortunately, the happiest part of my final exams. Anyway, now I would like to share with you some nice words from Lili Zografou that appeared also in my thesis.


– Is it easy for a woman to get a man?
– If she is listening to her body, then yes. If she is hiding in her own body, then never.
– Do you believe in women’s tricks?

– No, I don’t believe in that. I believe in the women’s honesty. Of course, it was dicey to be in touch with men when I was young because the men weren’t used to that us, women, choose them. I always chose men.

“We (women) don’t feel humiliated because we have powers against the men. First of all, we are erotic women and that plays a huge role […] Somehow, we have men in out pocket because we can make them weak by our passion.”

♥ LOVE ♥

“For me, the love was the places I have travelled to, something like Elysian Fields for idolaters. It was places with the sea, paths, eminent gothic temples that every morning cheerfully chime.”

“For me, the love is an eternity. The eternity that lasts and brings happiness to each person. Of course, love is never lasting and even the physical connection is so short that we haven’t been able to visualize it or to express it. It’s an heart-breaking scream that comes out from us as coming from animals. And it’s so big, so nice and so liberating and happy that that moment feels like it’s eternal. The eternity is the duration of happiness you feel.”


“[…] to live freely doesn’t mean anything if you don’t feel liberated.”


“I feel as a guest on the earth, with a specific and unknown date of the end of journey. I feel like a traveller. The only thing that bothers me is that I don’t dare to end this journey.”

“Life is life. It contains material elements. That should be cells. Life has to be a joy. It has to be a game when you are young. It has to be a gain from love which is rebirth and constant refreshment. And when you get older it has to be calm and peaceful.”
Personally, I really like Lili Zografou’s thoughts and I hope that you found interesting at least these few quotations. Although there is much more inside of it and I could post many articles about her, I won’t do that because it cannot present you and show you, let’s say, the real Lili Zografou, her style of writing, her thoughts and the meaning of it. If you are interested in her, I can gladly send you many articles about her and some videos with her. Just leave a comment or send me a message.
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