Animation team REUNION

“FRIENDS are connected heart to heart, distance and time can’t break them apart.”
We didn’t say “goodbye”, we said “see you soon” in Corfu when we were leaving because we knew that we will meet again. During the summer we became very good friends, that’s why we were sure we will organize our reunion and that’s exactly what happened last weekend. The best animation team of LtI Louis Grand Hotel Corfu 2015 got back together. In the Czech Republic!
We had three stops – Prague, Chrudim (my hometown) and Brno. In Prague we had a lot of fun together, we met two great guys, we escaped together from the Puzzle room and after some sightseeing, we experienced the city nightlife which was… let’s say… exhausting! Maybe that’s why the next stop in Chrudim was more relaxing and calm with just a bit of taste of medovina. The last day in Brno we finally met our fourth important and unforgettable part – Kuba – and even if we weren’t together for a long time, we enjoyed every minute we spent together! We also did some “special winter guest contact” with penguins, just not to forget what the animation is about! Try to find your animation team on the photo below… 🙂
Anyway, everything passed so fast that I still cannot believe that it’s over. Well… Actually it’s not over. Just one adventure ended. Nothing is over. We know that we will meet again. Soon. Anywhere. Anytime.
Animation team in Vaňkovka, Brno, Czech Republic


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