Time to say…. “see you soon”

Everytime at the end of season the moment of saying goodbye comes. Sometimes we expect it, sometimes not. But even if you know that it has to come, you’re not able to prepare yourself for that moment.

It’s always hard to say goodbye when you spent so much time with some people and you were really close to each other. Of course we are not saying goodbye forever, better to say just “see you soon”, “we will meet again” because if you find really true friends, you will meet them again for sure.This year we found a true friend, great colleague, swimmer that was turned to a dancer, funny sports’ guy with a lot of positive energy. Our “positive energy bomb”. Unfortunately he had to leave earlier than we were expecting and it was hard for all of us.

Before he left, we had our last dancing show that was full of emotions. Especially our last performance of contemporary dance that we danced every week together touched our hearts a lot. Also the final presentation of the members of our team was touching. We just couldn’t hold our tears, we were hugging each other and enjoying the last moments all together.Now he is gone and we can feel that one piece of us is missing here. It’s not how it was before. We were great team and now one part of the best animation team is not here anymore. It’s strange. But we have to continue working, we are trying to do our best and we also know that we will meet again. We will meet soon. Very soon!
Animation team of LtI Louis Grand Hotel, Glyfada Beach, Corfu, Greece

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