First month in Corfu

Today I realized that the time passed so fast, I’ve already been to Corfu for one month and I didn’t have time to write any article. Just to keep you informed, let’s begin with some basic information. My working place now is the hotel Louis Grand in Glyfada. We are four in the team – me, our team leader Valentino, miniclub girl Juta and sports guy Kuba. We have busy programme as you can see:
Our evening programme – Mr./Mrs. Louis Grand Hotel/Quiz (Monday), Sambahia show (Tuesday), our Dancing show (Wednesday), Circus show (Thursday), Karaoke/Beach Party (Friday), Il Divo (Saturday) and Greek night (Sunday). Sambahia show is made by my capoiera friends from last year, so I am very happy to have them here! Beach party isn’t actually on the beach… hahaa.. Il Divo – three amazing singers!
Every week we have day off on Thursday.. My first day off I was just relaxing on the beach and swimming in wonderful sea. The second day off we went to the Corfu Town, we visited the Fortress and we went around the town also for shopping.. Anyway, we always try to enjoy our day off and especially to relax because we need it 🙂
Even if it seems that every day/every weeks is the same, it’s not true. It’s always different. Always depends on the people that we have in the hotel. Unfortunately we have mostly old people so it’s a bit more difficult with them but we are trying to manage. Fortunately there are also some young people that we can have fun with and we can spend great evenings together with them and with a lot of glasses of alcohol! Sometimes also swimming drunk in the sea is not one of the best ideas but it’s another story!
I do mostly fitness activities – except darts and Greek lesson. Sometimes it’s really hard, especially aqua gym and aqua zumba.. Last days during the day there are more than 40 degrees so obviously it’s not easy to jump half an hour outside under the strong sun… Sometimes I am physically tired, I have big pain in muscles.. but people that enjoy my activities give me more energy back than they even think.. Also when some people just stop me during the day to tell me that they really enjoyed it, they really had fun or they just saw me doing activities or dancing and they were impressed/amazed, then I’m very happy and even more enthusiastic from this job. This kind of feedback keeps me going and enjoying my season in animation. Even if there are hard moment, arguments, sadness etc., we still have fun, we make jokes and we are trying to enjoy our summer season in Corfu as much as we can! Thanks to my great team 🙂
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