My name is Valeria…

How I became Valeria.. So the thing is.. I was sitting by the White Tower enjoying couples dancing salsa when two weird individuals came by. I had my suspicions but I hoped that they would shut up. Of course they wouldn’t and the conversation started:
– Where are you from?
– Czech Republic.
– That’s why you’re so beautiful…. Tourism here?
– Studies.
– Erasmus?
– Yes.
– Do you go to the Erasmus parties to 8ball?
– Yes.
– It’s every Wednesday yes?
– Depends.
– When is the next?
– I don’t know.
– I go there for concerts.. It’s good club.
– Hmm.
– What’s your name?
– Ee, Valeria..
– This name is also in Greek. I’m Dimitris..
– …
– What do you study?
– Filology.
– Which one?
– Greek.

I turned away and he poked me.
– What is your favourite Greek writer?
– Lili Zografu. (woman)
– I don’t know him.

He poked me again.
– Zografos means painter in Greek you know.
– Yes.

He poked me again.
– I’m also painter. Look. I can paint you if you want.
– No, it’s okay.
– You can come to my place for a wine and the painting will be present for you.
– No, thank you.

I couldn’t hide myself laughing and I left.

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