Athens (Αθήνα)

I almost forgot to mention my two-days trip to Athens. On Tuesday 21st April I had a flight early in the morning. I had to get up at 3:15 at night, I went to the airport and I got to Athens at 8. I took the bus from the airport and I went to meet my friend and colleague from summer Niki. I stayed in her place.
Because I was already in Athens 4 years ago, I didn’t need to see all sights and monuments of the city. I just wanted to meet my friends. So when I put my things to Niki’s flat, we went to pick up my team leader from summer Fran. I was so happy to see them both! We were walking together, talking, drinking coffee and again walking and talking…
Later me and Niki went to the sea, we were walking on the beach, the weather was great! After that we went to Balux Café. This coffee shop/restaurant/bar is on the beach so you’re watching the sea while drinking/eating. We stayed there late so could enjoy also the beautiful sunset.
When we left Balux, we went for a drink to the bar with a perfect view of Acropolis. It was also amazing. Even if I was very tired because I was up almost 23 hours, I tried to enjoy every second there!
On the second day we went again for a walk and coffee and later I took my things, I said bye to Niki and Fran and I left to Koropi where I visited my friend Elena. In the evening Elena took me to the airport because I had to go back to Thessaloniki.
Well, my trip to Athens was wonderful and I’m really glad I could see you guys – Niki, Fran, Elena. Thank you for a great time there and I hope to see you soon!
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