Trikala (Τρίκαλα)

Last weekend I went to Trikala for a seminar/casting of an animation agency – just to help them – and then I decided to stay one more day to see the city.

Arrival to Trikala

I left from Thessaloniki at 8:30 on Saturday, I arrived to Trikala at 11:15 and then I went for coffee because I had to wait for the guys from the agency. When they arrived, we went to the hotel to put the things there and then we had a lunch. After that we went to the Hotel Gallery Art where the seminar/casting took place. We prepared our things and we started with the presentation about working in animation etc. We played table tennis and darts. Later on we did face painting and minidisco – just to show them how it is. When we finished we went back to our hotel to relax and to get ready for the dinner. After dinner we went for a drink and we met some guys from the seminar.


On Sunday we had morning free, so after we woke up, we went for a coffe. It was very sunny and warm weather. Then we went to the swimming pool where our programme started. We thought we will do aqua zumba and water polo, unfortunately it wasn’t possible to do the aqua zumba because the pool was too deep and nobody could touch the ground. When we finished the pool activities, we went back to the hotel and after some break we continued our programme. The programme started with my zumba. I can say that zumba with almost 60 people was amazing and it was a great experience! After that we started the casting and it was over.

One more day

But like I said, I decided to stay one more day. I found the place to sleep by couchsurfing so I was a host in Dimitrios’ home. He let me sleep in his bed, he took me by car to Meteora, to the village near Meteora, to another village called Pyli (Πύλη) that was in the middle of the mountains, his mum made me breakfast.. They were so nice to me!
Well, on Monday I went alone around the city to see the bridge, mosque, Byzantine castle with the clock and of course some churches. In the afternoon I went by bus back to Thessaloniki.
There are some photos from Trikala:

Mosque (Κουρσούμ Τζαμί)

Byzantine castle
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