Rainbow Birthday Party

One day after my birthday on 1st April I organized my birthday party. I made it in a rainbow theme. I decorated my room with colourful balloons and my friends were supposed to come in colourful clothes. My friend Denisa helped me with preparation. We made jello shots with three different tastes – strawberry, pineapple and blackberry. We also baked snails from puff pastry. Then I cut vegetable and I prepared yogurt dip. I put on the table also some chips and breadsticks. And of course we had a lot of white and red wine!

At the end we were 11. I got so many amazing presents (as you can see) including chocolate birthday cake! All of them were singing “Happy birthday to you” and then the same in Greek. Then we were just talking, listening to the music and at the end also dancing. It was unforgettable birthday party!
So one more time special thanks to Denisa because she helped me a lot and of course many thanks to all of you – Gianni, Giovanni, Kostas, Tomasz, Maria, Maria, Laura, Teodora and Teri. I’m glad to have you as my friends!

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