Theatre Egnatia

Yesterday I decided to go to the theatre Egnatia for the “Επάγγελμα Πόρνη” (Occupation Prostitute) from the Greek writer Lili Zografu. The main reasons why I decided to go there were that I’ve already read that book two times and I’m writing my master’s thesis about Lili Zografu so it was a great opportunity for me to see it!
The theatre was supposed to start at 21:15 so I arrived there at 21:00. I entered inside and I was looking for my seat. It wasn’t really difficult to find it but I was confused because there were already two people, one of them on my spot. First I asked them to pass, I can’t say that they were pleasant and when I saw that they took my place I asked which number of the seats they have. They almost ignored me. Fortunately the lady that were showing places to others came to me and she confirmed me that it’s really my seat. Finally they started to look for their tickets to check the numbers. They were supposed to sit in the row 6 instead of 7. They didn’t even apologize, they didn’t say anything if they can pass or something.. nothing! They were really strange. After they sat in front of my, the woman started to smoke her electronic cigarette. I was shocked!
Anyway, the theatre started at 21:30 and it was very good. I liked it!

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