Cretan feast (Κρητικό γλέντι)

Yesterday we went to the Cretan feast that took place in the student canteen. It was supposed to start at 21:00. We arrived there at 21:10 and people were still waiting outside. We got inside after 21:30. The entrance was 12 euro, there was included a bottle of wine (white or red) or a meal. Also we could take a bottle of water whenever we wanted.
So we found the place to sit, later some Greek girls joined us. We were sitting at the table and waiting and waiting.. Nothing was happening.. The music started to play at about 22:30 and a bit later there was a performance of traditional Cretan dances.
There was also live music, people were dancing, we joined as well. It was great! The bad thing was that a lot of people were smoking there and windows were closed so the air was terrible!
What I really like is the fact that Greeks just go to dance.. they don’t really think about it like us (Czechs) if there are enough people dancing on the dance floor, if the music is good etc.. They love their Greek music, they like dancing, they absolutely enjoy it, they clap, whistle.. they are loud.. happy.. The dance floor is never empty! This is GREECE!
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