University, Jumbo, Ikea and other adventures

On Monday morning I finally met my flatmate from Croatia. Because the flat has being cleaned we decided to go to the university to arrange some papers. Alja knew where to go so we didn’t get lost.
First I got my Erasmus ID card and after that I went to the secretariat of my department. You can’t imagine the situation there… There was a Greek man almost shouting something.. Probably he talks like that normally (another man asked if he didn’t forget to take his pill = great joke). Everybody was smoking inside the office, nobody was in a hurry.. I was waiting there, nobody didn’t give a fuck about it. After few minutes one lady arrived and she was like.. “I can’t go even to pee”.. At the end she was nice and hopefully she arranged everything that was necessary for me.
Our next goal was to discover the student restaurant. We found it (big success) but we didn’t know where to go.. So we just went upstairs.. confused where to take the food.. The best thing is always ask somebody, so I stopped one guy to explain me how it goes there.. and he just said.. you take your food and you go to sit somewhere.. He was amused by us I guess. Nevermind. We took some food, we were just surprised that some people have another food but we were so hungry that we didn’t think about it a lot. When we finished, we decided to go for shopping to Jumbo and Ikea. Another story!
We caught the bus but it was so full that we couldn’t even buy a ticket. We were a bit afraid not to meet with the controller but we were lucky! We got there, it was more than thirty minutes far from the canteen. First we went to Jumbo. For both of us it was something new. We haven’t been in Jumbo before. There were so many things! We were like Alice in Wonderland 🙂 We bought some things and then we went to Ikea. We bought other things there and then we went back “home”.
We were very tired and we didn’t know exactly where to get off the bus. At one moment Alja said: “I think we should get off right now!”.. So I got off as fast as I could but she couldn’t make it. I was outside and she stucked in the bus. It doesn’t seem such an disaster. The only problem was that I didn’t have her phone number and she didn’t have mine.. I didn’t know what to do.. Then I decided to “follow” the bus, I thought maybe we’ll meet somewhere there. Unfortunately not. The only thing both of us knew was where the apartment is and that we will probably meet there. When I arrived home, I immediately took her phone number, just to be sure that it will never happen again! 🙂
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