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It’s important for me to keep fit even if I’m abroad and that’s why I decided to registrate to the university fitness centre. It costs just 15 euro for one semestre and I can go to the gym and to all lessons. They offer a lot of kinds of sport and fitness activities.


On Tuesday I decided to go to zumba. It was the worst zumba I’ve ever been to! The room was overcrowded, the songs were quite slow and boring, some of them quite old as well, the moves were simple and it was still repeating. They also opened one big window exactly behind me so I was freezing during the lesson. So I’m pretty sure that I will not come to zumba again! I was quite disappointed..


Next day I went to the gym in the morning and it was great! There weren’t so many people because the Greeks usually get up late I guess.. The only problem was that I couldn’t find “my” lighter weights. There were just kind of heavy weights for the boys and nothing for the girls. You can’t imagine the face of one Greek guy when I asked where I can find lighter weights.. He was staring at me like I’m from another planet.. Anyway, he gave me advice and I found what I needed. After that I couldn’t find any mats so I decided to ask in secretariat where I took the weights before and they just told me that they don’t have mats in the gym at all. They just use it in one room for yoga and pilates. It’s kind of strange but whatever.. It’s Greece.. always something special! 😀


Today I went to pilates. My “motto” of the lesson was: “Do what the others do!”. Everybody was preparing the things like fitball, weights and mat so I just did the same. Maybe I forgot to mention that all the lessons are in Greek and sometimes I can’t understand everything. So when the instructor came and the lesson started, she was just standing there on the stairs and saying what we should do. She didn’t do anything together with us. She was just giving orders! At the beginning I had no idea what she wants from me but I checked what the others were doing and I followed them. Even if she was just standing/walking there and talking, it was good lesson and I think I’ll come again! I just have to review the vocabulary of body parts :)))
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