Library and our new flatmate!

The goal of the day was to go to the library, try to borrow some books for my thesis then to have a lunch and after that to work on my thesis.
I got to the library but I found out that I really cannot take some books from there because I don’t have “paso” = student card (for this card I have to wait JUST one month:). My Erasmus ID card wasn’t enough. I was expecting that this will happen and that’s why I took my camera with me so I could take photos of some pages.
I was well-prepaired, I wrote the names of the books I need on the paper. The problem was that I had no idea how and where to find the books. I asked and the lady showed me the catalogue where I can find the number of the book and that I can find it “easily”. But it wasn’t so easy. First I found out that I copied totally different numbers and that’s why I wasn’t able to find any book. I got confused a bit, I was walking there and back and there and back. Then I checked the catalogue again and finally I found the right numbers (better to say codes). I was pretty sure that I will find everything in that moment. I found some books but I couldn’t find two books at all.. I was walking in the library and I felt that everybody is staring at me.I was really desperate so I decided to ask for help. The librarian told me to check the code again, I checked it and it was correct. So we went to check it together in the catalogue and then he just told me that they don’t have it there, it’s in another library. Then I checked the last book I needed and I found out that it’s also in another library that previous books. At the end I took photos of some pages from the books and I left for lunch.
After lunch I got back to the flat and like I said I wanted to work on my thesis. I put all photos to my laptop and after that I got message that we have to find the third flatmate. So I just posted the ad to some groups on facebook and from that moment the calamity of messages started! I got like hundreds of messages from different people. I couldn’t do anything else but replying to the messages. Two girls came to see the flat, Alja wasn’t in the flat so I was super busy all afternoon just by searching new flatmate. When Alja got back from uni we were talking about it and we couldn’t decide what to do. Well, not to prolong it, at the end we got a new Italian guy.. So right now we are three in the flat – me, Alja (Croatia) and Giovanni (Italy). Hopefully photos will be soon 🙂
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