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Welcome Day

Eveything has started! On Thursday we had Welcome Day in the Ceremony Hall at university. First I couldn’t find the building where it was supposed to be and I started to be stressed a bit that I will be late! The good thing in Greece is that you’re actually never late. Nothing starts on time!

Anyway, at the entrance everybody got a calendar, small notebook, pen and paper labels. Later we got also a folder with a bookmark, some papers and condoms! For the Welcome Day there were three or four different presentations with some (useful) information. After that we went for the “campus sightseeing” 😀 , then we got to the ESN office and we made the ESN card.

Taverna Night

The same day in the evening we had Taverna Night. A lot of people arrived and the taverna was overcrowded. There were tables outside as well. Fortunately I was inside. There were tables for 8 people. Our table was totally international – me-Czech, Slovak, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, British, Dutch and German!
The dinner was delicious – typical Greek meals (souvlaki, tzatziki etc.) and of course wine – red or white – couldn’t be missed! There was also very loud Greek music and many shouting/singing Erasmus Italians so sometimes you could barely hear your neighbours talking. It was great event though. I think everybody enjoyed it!


Later we decided to go to the Drink&Go. Almost everybody was outside, people were talking loudly and there were shouting. Because of that somebody living above it threw the bucket of water on the people there. It was a shock but it didn’t help. The people were shouting maybe even more!

City Tour

On Friday we had the City Tour event. We were divided into groups, each group got the Greek guide and we were walking around the city. We got general information about main sights and we had to answer some questions as well. It was nice, we had fun, it was just a bit too long. At least we had great sunny warm weather for this tour which made our mood much more better!


The last ESN event of this week was Tandem. We met at Kamara and then we went all together to the coffee shop. After we arrived, there wasn’t empty space! Even if the organization at the beginning was really bad and we couldn’t hear each other, at the end I really enjoyed it. Finally I could speak more in Greek and I met great new people! 🙂
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