Different country, different culture…


    • better to cross the street when there are no cars coming because when you have the green light, you can be easily killed by the car coming from the curve!
    • red light for pedestrians? not even policemen care! let’s just cross the road..


  • if you guess their age, always guess at least 5 years less than you would think
  • they probably think that sweatpants are really sexy, they wear it very often, it doesn’t matter if they go to the university, university canteen or just for a walk… I know, it’s comfy but…..


  • every day (including weekend) the students have THREE FREE meals in the university canteen
  • they can usually choose from 2 or 3 different main dishes, one meal (lunch or dinner) usually includes starter, main dish, salad and fruit


  • if the shop closes at 15:00, you will probably find it already closed at 14:55
  • every Sunday the supermarkets are closed


  • if you’re in a hurry or you go fast, you’re definitely weird, Greeks are never in a rush


  • mobile phone operators in Greece usually have unbelievable offers, at least it seems impossible for Czech people that got used to send many messages, here in Greece people are very talkative and they need a lot of free minutes for calling.. so don’t be surprised to get 500 minutes like a present.. it’s normal!
  • one student offer is for example 1200 minutes and 1200 messages just for 7€!


  • let’s not forget the toilets.. not everyone knows that in Greece you usually can’t throw the paper to the toilet because of the small pipes
  • usually no toilet paper or soap available
  • some of the toilets can look like this.. for example in the fitness centre:


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3 thoughts on “Different country, different culture…

  1. You know, some of those things are not exclusive to Greece.

    All pedestrians ignore red lights, since there is no crime of offence in crossing the road when they show, unlike in a lot of European countries.

    In Poland, roads are set up in some locations that the red lights only appply to motorists when there are no pedestrians crossing the road. If you have green and they have red, if they think there is nobody coming they are allowed to break them.

    Also, those toilets, really comfortable!

    1. You know, in Czech republic if you cross the road with red light and the policeman sees you, you have to pay a fine. If happens the same in Greece, the policeman just doesn't care!

    2. I know, it's the same in Poland, but in the UK and Ireland people cross whenever they like all the time, Policeman can't do anything even if they want to, but generally the police are very lazy here anyway!

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