Arrival and flat troubles

At the beginning I was supposed to move to the flat the same day I arrived to Thessaloniki – Saturday 31st January. Two days before my arrival I got message if it is possible to come to the flat on Monday 2nd January. I was like “What the fuck? Where should I go? Where should I sleep?”. So I just told them that I don’t have any place to stay. At the end they allowed me to come on Saturday.
When I arrived to the airport in Thessaloniki, I went to pick up my luggage. The cover that I put on my luggage, big black bag with “I ♥ Travel” was totally damaged. I got back like hundreds of pieces of my cover. I was really angry!
Anyway, I went to check the buses to get to the centre. There was a guy from Ukraine, he was really strange. He came to talk with me but he couldn’t speak English at all.. After that he wanted me to go with him to Mt. Olympus next day.. He just said: ” I have money, don’t worry” 😀
Well, when I finally got to the bus station ΧΑΝΘ, my first adventure has started. The goal was to find the real estate agency! I had a map but I asked for help like hundred times. The best help was in one fast food. There was a man sitting so I decided to ask him which way to go. He was trying to help me and then the guy who was working there came to help him.. after that another guy from the guests came to us.. At one moment all of them were talking to me at the same time and I couldn’t understand anything! At the end when I knew where to go the guy from the fast food told me that he invites me for a meal, that I should stay there, eat first and then continue my adventure… I went on..
After few minutes I arrived to Rotonda and the real estate agent was calling me. He tried to explain me where to go and in few minutes I finally got to their office! Then they took me to the flat. There was just one room where I could stay, the other rooms had covered furniture in the middle because of the painting. Even if it was supposed to be done a few weeks ago, in Greece you never know because they can’t do anything in time!
So I got to the flat and I wanted to have internet. The thing was that the guy didn’t know where to find the password for wi-fi. Another complication came after.. Even if there was a bed, I needed pillow and blanket. Kind of necessary things and it wasn’t there. Thanks to my friend that was living there before, she left me pillow and two blankets in one room .. without sheets, but it was okay..
The first night was strange. First I was really cold, then when I put temperature up on the heating I started to be hot.. The bed was kind of small. Everything was different. In the morning I had to get up early because of the painter. He was supposed to come at nine.. nineish.. He arrived 9:15, so quite early for Greek 🙂
The flat story will be continued!
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