Another flat troubles

In Greece you never know anything for sure 😀 Today in the morning we were supposed to sign the contract and pay money for the flat. The big surprise was when they told us that the rent is not 510 euro for the flat but 570 euro. That means 190 euro per person instead of 170 euro and also the fee for the real estate agency would be higher because it’s half of the rent. We were really angry about this so we were trying to solve the problem the entire morning. Nobody knew who made mistake but we felt that it’s definitely unfair! From the beginning we were talking about the first price and after we sent the deposit (50 euro) and after we moved to the flat they told us this.. At the end we haven’t signed the contract yet. The only solution that they have suggested was that we will not pay the higher fee for the agency and we will have included the water and the internet in the price. Who knows how it’s gonna end up? Let’s see in few days!
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