One day trip in Mallorca – Pollenca, Mirador Es Colomer, Can Picafort

From my previous posts you already know that there are so many places to see in Mallorca. During the season my friends and I rent a car several times in order to travel around. Last time we took a car, we did two different trips. First day we visited Pollenca, Port de Pollenca, Mirador Es Colomer and Can Picafort so that’s why I would like to tell you more about these places.



In the morning we left Cala Bona and we were heading to the town of Pollenca. It took around one hour to get there. When we arrived to the town, we had really big problem to park. We went several times around the town through the small streets desperately looking for a parking spot. At the end we were lucky to park just along the road near the entrance to the town. We left the car and went for a walk.

First we got to the main square with its church of Nostra Senyora del Roser and then we just walked along a tiny street. We didn’t really know where we are heading. At one moment we got to another church of Montes-Sion, from there we decided to go up to the stairs and follow the signs to El Calvari. Then we got to the road winding up the back of the hill where is also a reenactment of the Stations of Cross. I should also mention that near the chapel there is a very nice viewpoint where you can get beautiful views of the town. Anyway, by choosing this way, you can easily get there by car as well. It’s actually one of the ways how to get there and I would say it’s probably less tiring for walking up.

The second way (we didn’t know about it on the way there) is to take 365-step stairway north of the square. It leads directly to a chapel on top of the hill, known as El Calvari. We chose to go back by the stairway which was pretty impressive. Once we got to the main square, we were heading back to the car and we continued our trip.


About the town

Pollenca is situated in the northern part of the island. It’s an ancient rural town which was founded in the late 12th century. The church on the main square comes from 13th century. Most houses were built in the 17th and 18th century. The town has several places of interest. I have already mentioned the slope of Mount Calvari, but there is also a Roman bridge which is still in use and the Puig de Pollenca, a small mountain topped by a montastery, just outside the town.

Port de Pollenca

Port de Pollenca is located just 6 km east of Pollenca. As you can imagine, we got there quickly but we had the same problem with the parking. Fortunately we found a spot in one of the streets. We left the car and we went to look for a restaurant as we were very hungry. Because we wanted to eat pizza, we decided to eat in the restaurant Mamboretá. The pizza was very good there.

What I would highly recommend is a cafeteria Les Monges. It’s a place where we decided to get our takeaway coffee and it made really big impression on us. We had never seen such pleasant and friendly staff. Even though we spent just few minutes there, we were impressed by their behaviour. They smiled and they started to talk to us immediately. When we left, we finally tried the coffee and its taste was just incredible! If you ever stop in Port de Pollenca, don’t hesitate and have a coffee there. They also offer breakfasts and some snacks in case you’re hungry. Just don’t miss that place.

Anyway, in Port de Pollenca there is not much to see. We took a short walk along the seaside and then we were walking back to the car. On the way we passed by the main square with church. There are also many cafés and restaurants. As soon as we got to the car, we drove to the viewpoint Es Colomer.


About Port de Pollenca

Port de Pollenca used to be a simple fishing port. Now it’s established, family-friendly resort. It still features a large marina which nowadays harbours leisure boats more than fishing boats. South of the port you will find a long comercial beach where all the holiday apartments, restaurants and tourists shops line the road. It’s a very popular holiday destination.


Mirador Es Colomer

Mirador Es Colomer is a lookout point near the town of Port de Pollenca. It took around 10 minutes to get there. This viewpoint is actually located on the way to the lighthouse of Cap de Formentor. My friend and I visited the lighthouse three years ago but we didn’t stop at this viewpoint. That’s why we decided to see it while visiting Pollenca and Port de Pollenca because it’s just nearby.

At the viewpoint there is a parking lot. It was pretty busy but we still managed to find a place to park. We left the car and went to enjoy the stunning views. We understood why it had become a tourist attraction. It’s trully amazing. I would definitely recommend to stop there if you go to Cap de Formentor. It’s definitely worth it.


Can Picafort

Our last stop on the way back home was Can Picafort. We didn’t spend much time there. We were just walking along the beach promenade, took some photos and the sculptures and had another coffee. After that we were going back because I had to work in the evening.


About Can Picafort

Can Picafort is a coastal holiday resort that has 3 km long beach with a long, spacious beachside promenade with many cocktail bars and restaurants. There is also a small fishing harbour and marina. It used to be a small fishing village but it developed into a popular tourist resort.

The coastline of Can Picafort also became a hotsport for art lovers. Artist Joan Bennassar set up four sculptural groups of “goddesses” on the resort’s shore and in the sea. These sculptures are part of a wider cultural programme named “Can Picafort, la nueva Itaca del Mediterrani” (Can Picafort, the Mediterranean’s new Ithaca).


So this was our one day trip when we visited one historical town, two ports and one viewpoint. The itinerary could be extended by visiting more the Cap de Formentor – lighthouse and beach. I have to say that we had really nice time in all the places. The only thing which was very difficult was finding a parking spot but that’s always a problem during the tourist season. I would still recommend to visit these places, I’m sure you will like it.

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