Entertainment in Almuñécar – how my working day looks like

The hotel entertainment can be soft and easy or crazy and hard. I have already worked in 7 different hotels in Greece and Spain and I can say that the entertainment is always different. Working hours are never the same. There are always different types of the guests – sometimes with kids and sometimes without, sometimes young people, sometimes old, there are people of various nationalities, usually one nationality dominates. The activities are also different depending on the hotel facilities.

The entertainment is also about being able to have a rest in order to do good job. The free time is always limited. Especially in Greece it felt like we didn’t have much time to relax. In Greece I got just one day off, in Spain one and half day off. Now I work in an exceptional hotel where I have two days off. At the moment I do quite soft animation. Let me present you how my working day looks like.

Daily schedule

8:45 – Time to wake up and get out of the bed. Quick preparation.

9:30 – Breakfast in the hotel restaurant. It’s the hardest time for replying guests’ questions while I’m still sleepy and my mouth is full of food.

10:15 – Let’s start to prepare the things for the first morning activity that starts at 10:30. From Monday till Wednesday it’s stretching on the hotel roof, on Thursday I take the guests to the park to do the exercises there. On Friday morning the only plan is to go to the street market.

11:30 – Boules. Pétanque. Petanca. Boccia. Everybody calls it differently. But it’s probably the most favourite activity played on the beach. It’s always fun.

13:00 – Morning activities are over. It’s time to eat lunch and have a rest or quick siesta.

14:45 – The only thing I need is a coffee and then? Back to work! Next activity starts at 15:00. On Monday and Friday there is the sangría/cocktail demonstration so I need to prepare all the things for that (then I hope the guests won’t drink everything and I’ll get some for my break☺). Every Tuesday and Thursday I teach Spanish. I think I’m pretty good now with the basics that I repeat again and again. On Wednesday I play the new game I mentioned in previous post – short mat bowls. Usually just British guests join.


16:00 – It’s tea time for English guests and time for another activity for me. At this time I do one of these activities: archery, table tennis, darts, rifle shooting.

17:00 – The afternoon programme is finished. During this break I usually have a rest in my room or I go out. It depends on the weather and on my mood. I like this break because I have enough time to do things (for example writing a new post). I can even visit places in Almuñécar or just take a walk and enjoy the sunny weather (when there is no strong wind or rain). I also have to prepare myself for the evening. Sometimes I need to do some preparations for the evening programme as well.

20:00 – Hotel restaurant is ready for my hungry attack. There is so much good food. Sometimes it’s hard to choose and it always seems that the plates are not big enough. I love eating in good hotel buffets, you can eat whatever you want, everything is fresh-made, everything is so tasty.

20:45 – Back to work again. When I do the evening programme, I need to prepare everything I need. I usually do just bingo or some kind of quiz which is not really difficult to make. I cover just two nights of the week. The rest of the days there are external shows/live music. Anyway, even if it’s not my programme, I always come to make sure everything is going well, I chat with the guests or try to make them dance.

22:30/23:00 – Working day is over. Time to sleep and get energy for the following day or… Party?


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