Adventure in Marineland

In this post I would like to share with you an amazing experience from Marineland in Palma de Mallorca.
After I finished working in the hotel, I spent some days in Calvia with my friends and we met a dolphin trainer. One day he was willing to take us to Marineland where he worked. The best thing was that the place was closed for the public so we had all the Marineland for ourselves.
When we arrived there, first we met with other trainers from Marineland and then we could enjoy our time by admiring all the animals there. Because I love parrots, I was immediately amazed by one at the entrance and I would spend there hours just watching him. But then I saw other parrots and I was running there and back like a little child. I was touching them, playing with them and I wasn’t willing to move to see other animals as well.

With the parrot in Marineland, Palma de Mallorca
With the parrot in Marineland, Palma de Mallorca

They forced me to go to see the dolphins and I didn’t regret it. There was a see-through pool so we could see the dolphins very well. Then we saw two balls so we threw them to the pool and the game started. First they were playing with the balls in the pool and after that they threw the balls back to us. On the bottom of the pool they had also quite long plastic strip that one of them was able to throw from the pool as well. We were impressed. After having fun with the dolphins the trainers came and started to train them. We were just sitting in the auditorium, watching jumping dolphins and trainers surfing on them and sometimes we couldn’t understand how it’s possible that the dolphins are able to learn so many things.

With the dolphins in Marineland, Palma de Mallorca

When they finished the dolphins’ training, we went to see the sea lions and ……we got a kiss!

With the sea lion in Marineland, Palma de Mallorca

After that we went to see snakes, turtles, monkeys, chameleóns, penguins etc. and then we entered the aviary full of different parrots and birds. I was really happy again. Yara wasn’t so excited like me though:

Yara with a small parrot in Marineland, Palma de Mallorca

Anyway, it’s really hard to describe such an experience and all the feelings and happiness. It was an awesome opportunity to see the Marineland from the other site, we didn’t come there like normal tourists, we got much closer and we experienced something that doesn’t happen to you every day.

Marineland, Palma de Mallorca


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