Part of my heart belongs to Greece…

Even if I’m back in Czech republic, Greece is still ocuppying part of my heart. I’m thinking which Greek destination is gonna be the next for me – just for a trip, for the next season or who knows for how long.
Now it feels like Greece is so far from me and I cannot wait to go back there! Till the Greek time will come, I’m trying to make my own Greece here.. It can sound crazy but who has never lived this, will never understand!
Everything starts just with making at home my amateurish Freddo espresso or listening to the Greek songs and singing the lyrics.. and then just drinking Greek retsina or ouzo, eating Greek olives or figs.. For better Greek atmosphere the wall in my room looks like this:


My room with the Grek flag and postcards on the wall


My other reminders are my friends but not just Greeks.. My friends from different countries that I met in Greece and we lived the “Greek story” together just remind me how good the life was there.
Anyway, yesterday I got a lot of Greek mood because of the great Greek night. The building full of Greeks, live music, dancing performance and of course our dancing to different Greek songs, drinking retsina, speaking and listening to the Greek language.. this is what definitely brings you to Greece! The only thing is that the following day you wake up realizing that you escaped from the reality just for one night.
So what is gonna be next? … The harsh reality with reading Greek books and writing the thesis with the help of Greek songs and Freddo espresso… or maybe ouzo?
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