Back to reality

After 8 months in Greece I got back home. It’s very strange now. Everything is different. I have to speak Czech but many times I have a tendency to say “Kalimera” or “Hello” to the people here. People also cannot understand some inside jokes from summer, nobody asks “Ti kanis?”, actually many people just don’t care about how you are.Another strange thing is that people are waiting for the green light to cross the street, mostly they follow the rules in traffic. It seems very strange after my experience in Greece!

Another confusing thing for me is a toilet. Maybe you won’t believe but I still have the feeling that the toilet paper is supposed to go to the bin. Sometimes I just have to think for a moment where to put it!
The next problem is weather. It’s so cold here that you have to wear many layers. You cannot drink Freddo cappuccino or Freddo espresso anymore, not just because it’s cold but they just don’t make it here. And of course better not to order frappé because it just cannot be the same like in Greece.
In the Czech Republic you also cannot walk along the sea, you cannot go to the beach or just for swimming to the sea… Everything is just different.
Unfortunately, the summer fun is over, it’s time for the real life. It feels like I woke up after such an amazing dream. I got back to reality and I have to survive it. I’ll try my best to adapt and to finish the tasks here with one thought – when it will be over, I will go to Greece again. And actually not just Greece. Now I have friends all around the world. It’s not about travelling anymore, it’s about visiting people that became my friends. In these 8 months I met so many people and I’m really grateful for that!


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