Speed dinner

On Sunday we had an amazing event! It was called “Speed dinner”. First we made teams of three and then we were supposed to prepare appetizer, main dish or dessert. Our team “Darkness girls” decided to prepare the dessert.
On Friday we got an e-mail with the schedule of the dinner. At 18:00 we were supposed to eat the appetizer in the flat of the team “Mamama” and then at 19:30 main dish of “The C.Y. team”, at 21:00 everything started in my flat where we hosted two teams – “Green Tomatoes” and “LE(c)KER”.
The team “Mamama” (boys – Italian, German and French) prepared for us and one more team potatoes with bacon and cheese, bruschettas and tomato with feta and onion. After that we had typical Cypriot dish – pork in red wine with bulgur, lettuce with haloumi (a mild salty Cypriot cheese) in the flat of two Cypriot boys and one girl. And then we served our “štrúdl” (apple pie) to our guests – two teams of girls.
Our “štrúdl” story is quite funny so let’s start at the beginning. The first goal was to find the right puff pastry because they have more kinds of it here. Our next ingredients were apples (from the student canteen), cinnamon, raisins, walnuts, egg, butter, sugar and breadcrumbs. All of the ingredients we had in our flats except breadcrumbs. We didn’t want to buy it so we were thinking how to make it. So the day before we took bread from the student canteen and we made it dry during the night.. After the apples were prepared we realized that we don’t have anything to squeeze it with. First we tried to use small plastic bag with holes but it wasn’t really good idea so we just made it with our hands. Later we drank the juice from the apples and it was so nice!
Well we also didn’t have nutcracker so we had to crack the walnuts on the floor with the power of our feet. Later on we found at that we don’t have anything to put the whipped egg on the top with. How we solved the problem? With the hands!
Anyway, the “štrúdl” was really tasty, everybody liked it. So even if we didn’t have all available thinks, we handled it! 🙂 Just have a look:
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